Day 2 of No Sugar Added at Nikki Beach during Miami Music Week 2014

We returned to Nikki Beach for day 2 of No Sugar Added bright and early to find a totally different atmosphere from the night before.  Note: you can check out day 1 coverage of No Sugar Added HERE.


The perfect Miami weather had everyone in bathing suites, laying out on the pillow top beds that were used as stomping grounds on the dance floor the night before.  


The first artist we got the chance to see was Deniz Koyu, who blasted some great tech-house tunes that got the crowd moving.  



After Deniz Koyu wrapped up, Quintino took over and spun some classic Dutch House.  Quintino had everyone dancing like crazy, but was kind enough to cool them down with the help of an air cannon. 


After Quintino, MAKJ made his way onto the stage and changed things up from the two previous acts.  Some of the DJs sets seemed to blend into one another, as a majority of artists on the lineup were all electro-house DJs. MAKJ, however, had a diverse song selection that was a welcomed change.  It was nice to see MAKJ break the mold of the previous artists by playing tracks like “Sweet Dreams are Made of Love” and “Next Episode” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.



After MAKJ, Bassjackers and Danny Avila took over on the main stage.  There was nothing inherently wrong with Bassjackers set, and the only real flaw we found in Danny Avila’s set was that he played “Levels”, because come on, who still plays that?  What we did notice, though, was that there was little to no variety between all of the sets we had heard so far.  MAKJ was the only set that really stood out from the rest, and not so much because he was a better artist, but because he played songs none of the other DJs played.



After Danny Avila, we went to check out Pegboard Nerds, who were the first act of the night to play on the indoor stage.  While there were very few people the day before checking out Candyland, the same could not be said for Pegboard Nerds, who had the same timeslot that Candyland had.


Pegboard Nerds laid down tracks that were laden with heavy bass, as well as some of their great remixes, which were all a much welcomed change to the repetitive dutch, electro and progressive house tunes the majority of DJs had been playing all day.


If there was one quote we heard every day of Miami Music Week, it was, “But first, let me take a selfie!”.  We had not even left the Miami airport when a mom and daughter posing for a selfie belted the quote from the Chainsmokers track, #Selfie.  We decided to see if all of the hype was warrented, and headed downstairs to check out the Chainsmokers.


The Chainsmokers set was by no means revolutionary, but the 3rd stage they were playing on was just about as packed as we had seen it all weekend.  The group handed out Instagram photo frame cutouts for the crowd to take #SELFIES in.



After spending 8 hours at Nikki Beach on both Friday and Saturday, it was time for us to call it a night.  There were a few artists left to play Saturday night that we wish we could have stayed for, like Tritonal and Seven Lions, but it just was not going to happen.  Overall, we were glad that we decided to check out No Sugar Added.  We see no reason why the festival will not return for a 5th year next Miami Music Week, and for anyone looking for a more mature alternative to Ultra Music Festival, we would definitely recommend No Sugar Added at Nikki Beach.

[Photos & Article by: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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