Dave Matthews Band at Susquehanna Bank Center

The Dave Matthews Band returned to the Susquehanna Bank Center on Friday, June 26th for two nights of back-to-back shows in Camden, NJ. The Friday show consisted of two sets, the first an acoustic set with Dave Matthews playing several of the initial songs along or with Tim Reynolds.

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The second set of the night was a full electric set as most fans are used to seeing. The crowd consisted of a wide range of fans, both young and old who were there to imbibe and get down to some good old DMB jams.

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The acoustic set kicked off at 730PM with Matthews telling the half empty venue that he was going to play a few solo tunes as the stragglers came in from the parking lots. By the time the 10 song acoustic set wrapped up (with the full band) with “What Would You Say”, the venue had filled in considerably. After a 30 minute set break, the band returned for their second set of the evening, opening with “Minarets”.

DMB_SBC_MPGreen-7 copy DMB_SBC_MPGreen-14 copy

Half way through their electric set, DMB started bringing out some special guests to play with them. The most notable was guitar legend Warren Haynes (who worked with the ‘Allman Brothers’ and ‘Grateful Dead’ and is a founding member of ‘Gov’t Mule’) who came out to play “Down By The River” and “Smooth Rider”. The crowd went bonkers for those two songs.

DMB_SBC_MPGreen-8 copy DMB_SBC_MPGreen-10 copy

Overall the crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves, from the older hippies, to the couples in the 20’s and 30’s, to the younger kids (the ones who weren’t kicked out for attempting underage drinking) everyone jammed out to the two sets that DMB laid down on Friday night. Dave Matthews Band returned to the venue on Saturday night for a second evening of back-to-back sets.

[Photo credit: Michael Green]

[Article by David Miller]

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You can view the full set list and an expanded photo gallery below (click images to enlarge):

Full Set List: 

Take Me to Tomorrow
(John Denver cover) (Dave solo)
Butterfly (Dave solo)
Bartender (Dave & Tim)
One Sweet World
Two Step
Water Into Wine
Funny the Way It Is
What Would You Say

Big Eyed Fish
Lie in Our Graves
Black and Blue Bird
Belly Belly Nice
Virginia in the Rain
Save Me (Dave Matthews song) (with The Lovely Ladies)
Down by the River (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover) (with Warren Haynes and The Lovely Ladies)
Smooth Rider (with Warren Haynes and The Lovely Ladies)
Be Yourself (with The Lovely Ladies)
Jimi Thing (With Matt Cappy)
Granny (with The Lovely Ladies)

You Might Die Trying

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