Datsik at The Electric Factory

Dubstep as a genre has seen an incredible amount of growth, development, and evolution since it’s start in the late 1990’s. Many artists have come and go throughout the years and it seems like every few months a new name is jumping out of their bedroom studio and into fame fortune and glory. While these new artists continue to infiltrate the style, they still find themselves living in the shadow of the greats. One of the biggest in the game for the last decade has been west coast sensation ‘Datsik’ who has traveled the world sharing his special blend of hip hop influence and dub inspired attitude to create for a touring and production experience that is rarely challenged by any.

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In the last few months Datsik has been teasing fans with a new and improved live experience that was shaking his fan base to its nervously overjoyed core. When the OG dubber finally announced his ‘Ninja Nation Tour’, the entirety of the dubstep community broke out into absolute mayhem. The thing about an artist like Datsik is that with his popularity soaring consistently over the last decade, there are fans of his who have just began to discover his music this year, and fans that have outlasted all the rest and still come out to his shows regularly even if they’ve lost touch with the scene over the years. He has found a way to bring together fans of his sound from all different aspects of life and statuses of dedication to the genre. The results were magical at the Electric Factory as Datsik brought his tour to the city of brotherly love and along with him much more.

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On Saturday, January 14, not only were we blessed with Datsik himself on this tour but along with him came support from huge names ‘Apashe’, ‘Virtual Riot’, and ‘Crizzly’. Out of all three our biggest round of applause went to Virtual Riot who maniacally tore up the stage and electrified the crowd from the first song of his set to the last. The co-head of disciple records featured music from all different genres and while the tunes were different in their boundaries in some way they all included the classic Virtual Riot sound that fans have come to love. If head banging and crying in the same set doesn’t show pure talent we don’t know what does!

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After all the openers played the moment of Datsik’s headlining slot arrived with a massive curtain drop to reveal the new stage production that fans have been ogling over. The Shogun production was more than we honestly could have expected an blew away any expectations that we had. Coupled with Datsik’s PK sound system, there was little room left for error.

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Over the next 90 minutes Datsik led us on a journey through the old and the new, the heavy and the melodic, and the beauty and nastiness that bass music has to offer. With flawless mixing adding to his stellar track list the crowd didn’t seem to be able to hold onto themselves as they flailed their way through the set. Everyone left the venue in a pile of blood, sweat, tears, joy, and most of all, grime. Come back soon Datsik, this city can’t get enough of you!

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[Article by Adam Leopold]

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