Datsik and Company Bring Firepower to Soundgarden Hall

On Friday, November 2nd, Soundgarden Hall played host to the Firepower Tour that featured xKore, Terravita, and headliner, Datsik.

The event, presented by Steez Promo, also featured opening sets by locals Mojo Risin of House of Hearts, and Schmohawk from Actual Records.

There was no Halloween hangover just two nights after another huge show (“The Freaks Come Out at Night“) at Soundgarden Hall on Wednesday. Legions of fans, many still dawning costumes, lined up from the moment the doors opened and continued to flow in even hours later.

Inside, Soundgarden Hall was packed from from to back, side to side. All three of the opening acts performed admirably, setting the stage for the Firepower Tour DJs.

xKore really got the place moving dropping dubstep, electro, and other bass-heavy fan favorites in rapid succession. He had the place bouncing and going absolutely bonkers.

Terravita was up next, and the DJ duo/MC combo act dropped a slew of fantastic drum & bass hits, including some brand new bangers that are sure to be making the rounds in DJ sets in the very future. Their set, that included some killer hip-hop and reggae infused bangers, was the perfect bridge between the two dubstep heavy sets of xKore and Datsik.

Finally, headliner Datsik took the stage just after 1230am. As dancers (and even a giant blue bear) shook it on stage, Datsik laid down some filthy bass drops. It’s easy to see why this guy has charted numerous #1 tracks on Beatport and his live sets add yet another element to his stellar productions. He had Soundgarden Hall eating out of the palm of his hand until the doors closed, sending fans out onto the chilly streets of Philadelphia to cool their jets.

Our only complaint was the 10-15 minute set break between Terravita and Datsik where they played down-tempo reggae music. In our opinion, there should not be set breaks between DJ’s, especially ones in which the pre-recorded music being played takes the energy in the building down a few notches.

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