Dash Berlin Sells Out Soundgarden Hall…Again

Philly was in for another treat on Saturday, June 29th as Dash Berlin returned to Soundgarden Hall, and, unsurprisingly, sold the place out, again.  Even though the venue was packed to the gills, with sweat dripping from every surface in the building, there was absolutely nothing that could stop the attendees from dancing.  The show had support from DJs John G., G. Presta, Johnny V and Tyler Sherritt.  


Although Soundgarden attracts large crowds for the majority of their shows, it had been some time since the place was as packed as it was Saturday night.  The venue’s 21+ section was as jam packed as it was for the Armin van Buuren after party.


The first artist we got the chance to see on Saturday night was Tyler Sherritt, who is no stranger to Philadelphia.  Sherritt accompanied Dash Berlin in January when the two played for the first time in Philly (at SGH). The venue was packed when Sherritt hit the stage.


Tyler Sherritt played a great set and did not limit himself to only playing the top tracks on Beatport.  It seemed as if the loudest cheer of the night came when Tyler Sherritt had just finished his set.  Not because they wanted it to be over, but because they knew that it was only a matter of minutes until Dash Berlin hit the stage.


Hundreds upon hundreds of light-up neon foam wands with “Dash Berlin” imprints were handed out to the crowd as all of the lights to the venue were turned off.  The anticipation grew with every second until a futuristic robotic sound came through the speakers and told the crowd to brace themselves for the return of Dash Berlin.  


Dash then jumped up from behind the DJ Booth and played his first track of the night, “Steal You Away”.  Dash also had an iPad on the DJ booth which he could program messages into.  The first message he wrote out was, “HELLLO PHILLY!!!!”.


Dash had tremendous energy throughout his set.  He jumped onto the DJ booth, slid across the stage, and waved his hands in the air as he played great track after great track, mixing them together superbly into his signature Dash-ups.  


You could tell that he was having a great time, as was the crowd.  The night did not slowdown once Dash hit the stage and for the remainder of the evening the venue only got hotter and hotter as the crowd danced the night away.


As if the superb lighting, fog machines, and lasers that Soundgarden is equipped with are not enough, the multitude of foam glow sticks created a sea of flashing neon lights that was a sight to behold.  We did not see anyone leave the venue until the end of his set, which he finished out with a more down-tempo song in “Not Giving Up On Love”.


There are some big name DJs that we cover and wind up feeling robbed at the end of the show, but this was certainly not one of those nights. Dash Berlin put everything he had into his performance and it seemed like there was not an unhappy person in attendance.

[Photo credit: Garfinkel’s Photos]

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