Darth Rusko Uses The Force to Destroy Death-Starlight Ballroom

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Who remembers Super Storm Sandy? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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The storm that caused billions of dollars in damage up and down the east coast last October wasn’t as severe in Philadelphia as in some other areas. It did succeed in postponing & cancelling several events in the region however.

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One of those events, Bass Masquerade, a costume party at Starlight Ballroom (presented by Art of Electronica) finally had a chance to happen on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013.

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Despite it being several months after Halloween, the event was still held as a costume party.

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The music for the evening was provided by locals Dubsef (Art of Electronica) & Space Jesus (Deathwaltz Media) as well as At Dawn We Rage, and headliner, Rusko.

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Fans were a little slow to show up to the venue which opened at 9pm but they steadily filed in, many clad in creative costumes and outfits as Dubsef played the opening set of the night.

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At 10pm Space Jesus, the long-haired prodigal son of interstellar EDM, took over, dropping a slew of original productions to the delight of the crowd.

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As the number of fans inside Starlight Ballroom increased, so did the temperature. As is typical at the venue, before long it was hot and steamy, with the mirrors that line the walls completely fogged over.

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At Dawn We Rage was up next, and joined by masked dancers on stage he dropped some serious bass on the crowd. At this point the crowd had grown much larger and everyone was getting down.

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By the time Rusko hit the stage for his headlining set, dawning a Darth Vader mask, the place was going nuts. Not satisfied with the crowd simply going bonkers, Rusko kicked it up a notch…then another…then another. We’re not sure if he used The Force or not, but he had the place eating out of the palm of his hand.

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Rocking out to his own track selection so hard that he twice fell off the DJ platform, backwards, Rusko sprayed the crowd with rapid fire bass music.

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He dropped his own tunes (including some brand spanking new music), DMX, songs about your mother’s behind (seriously), and everything in between.

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At the end of the night, he declared that he would keep playing until they kicked him off the decks. When he finally did end his set, fans chanted his name, prompting the DJ to hit the photo pit to shake hands and take photos with fans.

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[photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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