Dancegiving with Wolfgang Gartner Gives Electronica Fans Plenty to Be Thankful For

After spending Thursday eating turkey, and the next day shopping at one crazy sale after the next, many people in Philadelphia simply chose to take it easy on Friday night.

For fans of electronic music however, it was time for the real holiday feast. The Electric Factory was stuffed with fans who packed the venue to experience Dancegiving (presented by Committee Entertainment and Art of Electronica), an event that featured DJ’s Dubsef, Michael Myers, David Solano, Porter Robinson, and headliner Wolfgang Gartner.

The night kicked off around 8pm with musical appetizers served up by Dubsef and Michael Myers. It was the first taste of what was to come over the next several hours and wet everyone’s palate.

The first course was then dished out by David Solano, who is no stranger to Philadelphiaha after playing several of the Dayglow events here in 2011. His set featured a savory track selection that left those in attendance hungry for more.

Next up was Porter Robinson who laid out a delectable spread of tasty beats which he mixed together with precision. The ravenous crowd ate it up! Not even a tryptophan infused cocktail could keep you from sitting this set out. The energy in the place was through the roof.

Around 12:15am it was finally time for everyone’s favorite part of the meal, dessert. Wolfgang Gartner wasted no time in satisfying the Electric Factory’s collective sweet-tooth with a divine sampling as confetti rained down on the ecstatic crowd. It was truly the icing on the cake.

Those who attended Dancegiving left feeling thankful to have been treated to a night of great music. For anyone who sat this one out, consider yourself a turkey.

**To view an expanded photo gallery and video of Dancegiving, CLICK HERE**

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