Crizzly, Dotcom, and LAXX at Soundgarden Hall

To celebrate the breaking of Winter and the imminent arrival of warmer Spring weather, we set out for Soundgarden Hall on Friday, April 3rd to catch self-proclaimed “crunkstep” producer and DJ, Crizzly, bring his ‘Real Thugz Tour’ to Philadelphia (presented by B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves & Catharsis Collective).

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This was my first Crizzly show, so I didn’t know what to expect, but the pizza-shirt-wearing crowd seemed abuzz for a hard hitting evening, and maybe some free pies.

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LAXX, hailing from the UK, warmed up the crowd properly with a blend of dubstep and drumstep tracks.

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Recent Buygore Records addition and Philly-native, Dotcom, then took over and put the crowd into a frenzy with his mix of dubstep and festival trap, opening the gates for Crizzly to bring the atmosphere to the next level.

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The headlining Texas-native threw down easily the hardest set of the night, delivering track after track (including Jack Ü’s “Febreze”, Kill The Noise’s “Jump Ya Body” and Smookie Illson’s trapped out reboot of Yo Majesty’s “Club Action”) that can only be described as, “dirty, grimy goodness.” Crizzly might be small in stature, but his adrenaline-inducing combination of dubstep, crunk, hip hop, and trap leveled the crowd and thoroughly impressed me.

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And of course, as is tradition with Crizzly and his Pizza Gang, he handed out a batch of large pepperoni pies to the eager crowd during the final 45 minutes of the show, which featured LAXX, Dotcom and Crizzly going b2b as “Real Thugz,” paying homage to the tour (name) that brought smiles to the satisfied guests and delicious slices to their stomachs.

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[Photo credit: Riley Loula]

[Article by Riley Loula]

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