City Bisco: Two Day Jam at the Mann

The Disco Biscuits have a crazy legion of fans that follow them around the country and flock to NY every summer for their three-day Camp Bisco festival.

On October 5th & 6th, they brought the excitement of a multi-day festival to Philadelphia for two days of food, fun, and great music at the Mann Music Center.

The event featured two stages, food trucks, and an array of DJs and live acts.

Friday kicked off at 4pm with opening sets by Wyllys on the second stage and The Manhattan Project on the main stage. The venue remained somewhat empty early on but those inside were having a great time for the get-go.

While we enjoyed all of the music we heard on the day, our top three performances were the Disco Biscuits, Diplo, and Aeroplane. Aeroplane closed out the second stage with an intelligent set of funky tunes that had everyone grooving. By this time the crowd size had grown dramatically.

The Disco Biscuits then took over on the main stage and played one of their classic high energy electro-jam sets accentuated by an impressive laser light show. Diplo was up next and rocked the crowd with his signature blend of hip-house and EDM. Finally, the Biscuits returned for a second set, closing out the night.

Day two started an hour earlier than day one with another great line-up of music. Papadosio, Paper Diamond, Ott and The All Seeing I, and Tipper all put on great sets and the food trucks were again on hand providing some tasty treats.

The evening ended with the third Disco Biscuits set, followed by an amazing set from A-Trak (one of the best of the festival), and finally the fourth and final Biscuits set to close out the two day event.

City Bisco was a great blend of music and food at one of the best music venues in Philly and we hope to see it return next year!

You can view an expansive photo gallery of both days below:

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