City Bisco Returns In Full, Kicks Off Summer 2022

The Disco Biscuits hometown festival returned to the Mann Center, featuring its largest lineup of supporting acts since 2014

(Photo by Jericho Sav)

2014 was the last time I attended City Bisco, the 3rd year of The Disco Biscuits urban celebration in their collegiate home of Philadelphia.  As I was no stranger to Camp Bisco, the early days of this festival certainly felt like an extension of the vibes and ambiance I experienced at both Indian Lookout Country Club and Montage Mountain.

This year’s iteration of City Bisco felt a lot like those early memories – expertly selected supporting acts, the Philadelphia skyline quietly looming in the distance, and dedicated fans eagerly awaiting each of the four sets The Disco Biscuits would play across the two day festival.  While the event itself has had a few different homes since its inception, the return to The Mann last year set the stage for an even bigger, more ambitious undertaking in 2022.

Day 1 – TAUK, moe., Shiba San, The Disco Biscuits

Day 1 started off with TAUK, and though I wasn’t able to catch their set, it was by all accounts an enjoyable and fitting start to the day.  The first real taste I got of City Bisco in my return was moe., a group that aligns incredibly well with the Biscuits brand and who wholly executed the ideal Happy Hour set.  I may not be familiar with every moe. track, but I was definitely caught in a groove when they closed with ‘Tailspin’. 

Shiba San (Photo by Jericho Sav)

I wish I could go in depth into the first Biscuits set of the weekend, however it was unfortunately cut short due to technical issues during ‘Another Plan of Attack’, about 20 minutes in.  This paved the way for an earlier than expected Shiba San appearance.  I’m a huge fan of his original tracks and DJ set, but the crowd was slightly caught off-guard and still reeling from the shortened headliner set.  Being the professional that he is, Shiba San powered through and set the stage for what would be an extended appearance from The Disco Biscuits

The Biscuits returned to the stage unfazed and picked up right where they left off, finishing ‘Another Plan of Attack’ and working through salacious grooves like ‘Crickets’, ‘Twisted In The Road’, and ‘Digital Buddha’, which they ran back as the closer for Day 1 of City Bisco.

(Photo by Jericho Sav)

Day 2 – Township Rebellion, The New Deal, Bob Moses (Live Set), LP Giobbi, The Disco Biscuits

Day 2 started with Township Rebellion, who I was unable to catch.  The first act I did see was The New Deal, whom I’ve had a distinct interest in since their 2010 farewell Camp Bisco set.  Well, they’ve been back a few years now and while I did recognize a few tracks, none was as well received as ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ – a song they haven’t played in three years.  It was the perfect time to bring it back out.

The set I was most looking forward to the entire weekend was the live Bob Moses performance.  Their productions have such a warm and ethereal tone, akin to groups like ODESZA and Rufus Du Sol.  This sound lent itself perfectly to a background that featured a cotton candy sky and the setting sun.  ‘Inner Light’ is a jam for sure, while ‘Tearing Me Up’ and ‘Enough To Believe’ seemed to be the crowd favorites.  They closed with arguably their most dynamic track ‘Desire’, a 2020 collaboration with the enigmatic ZHU. 

Next up was a full, uninterrupted, downright boogie with the third Disco Biscuits set of the weekend.  Kicking things off with the aptly named ‘We Like To Party’, most people quickly forgot about the technical troubles from the day before.  ‘SpaceBirdMatingCall’ was definitely the highlight for me as the set ran seamlessly into the final hours of the festival.

LP Giobbi was someone I knew nothing about prior to City Bisco 2022, but I’m certainly glad I got the chance to see her set.  She provided an extremely fun and inviting atmosphere, basking entirely in purple lighting for the majority of the time slot.  Transitioning between CDJ’s and keyboard, she provided a unique touch to original productions and remixes – of which there were plenty.  ‘Say A Little Prayer’ stood out early, but as soon as I heard the pitched up Jefferson Airplane ‘Don’t You Want Somebody To Love’ vocal sample, the set took a pleasantly unexpected turn.  Vocal remixes of various genres was what made this one of the more memorable sets of the weekend.

The Disco Biscuits final set of the weekend actually started with an impromptu jam with LP Giobbi as the DJ was finishing up.  Nice little moment for both the headliner and final act.  ‘Lake Shore Drive’ followed, setting the tone for the last two hours of City Bisco.  ‘Space Train’ ripped, some of the other jams were outstanding, and everything was nicely wrapped up with ‘Morph Dusseldorf’, featuring an appearance from Tom Hamilton. 

I didn’t know I was going to be covering City Bisco until 2 days before, but returning to the festival was everything that I remembered (missing were the bevy of food trucks).  I got to see a ton of friends and familiar faces, listen to groups I knew and ones I know now, and take a few very crispy photos.  Big thanks and much love to the The Disco Biscuits for another great year in the city. 

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