Circus Records Party at Grand Central (MMW2015)

There are few places we would have rather been then Grand Central in Miami this past Tuesday to kickoff off Miami Music Week with a Circus Records showcase featuring a bass heavy lineup of epic proportions.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-24 copyCircus_Records_MIAMI-138 copy

Featuring Circus Records label heads ‘Flux Pavilion’ and ‘Doctor P’, as well as Circus Records artists (and frequent collaborators) Cookie Monsta and Funtcase, the lineup was not one to miss for the bass-music aficionados who found themselves in South Beach for Miami Music Week. With special guests Dirtyphonics, Kennedy Jones, NGHTMRE, and Cyran, also on the line-up, there was no question as to where we would end up on Tuesday night.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-93 copy

We arrived at the venue just in time to catch Cookie Monsta’s set, which featured heavy hit after heavy hit. Dirtyphonics were next up and played a great transitional set, sandwiched between all of the Circus Records artists, that allowed for some variation in the harder bass music sets.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-12 copy Circus_Records_MIAMI-84 copy

Following Dirtyphonics, was Doctor P, who, while far less energetic on stage then Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, or Dirtyphonics, always delivers top-notch sets that have the crowds going absolutely nuts. Doctor P’s set on Tuesday night was the perfect prescription for bass-heads, and just what we have come to expect from the Doctor. We really loved getting to hear a preview of his upcoming remix on Circus Records, “Going Gorillas”.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-19 copy Circus_Records_MIAMI-62 copy

After Doctor P it was time for Circus Records President (of sorts) Flux Pavilion to grace the stage with his presence. Flux, just like Doctor P, does not rely on gimmicky DJ tricks (like jumping on top of the DJ booth or repeatedly screaming into the mic). Instead, Flux and Doctor P let their music and track selections do the talking, and boy, did they have something to say. The venue quickly turned into a hot mess of dancing bodies, and we quickly found ourselves needing to take trips to the outside patio to cool down.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-133 copy Circus_Records_MIAMI-116 copy

The night ended with sets from Funtcase, Kennedy Jones, and NGHTMRE. It did not seem to matter that the clock was approaching 5AM when these closing artists hit the stage and Grand Central remained a hot-boxed room of hot bodies, head banging all over the place.

Circus_Records_MIAMI-37 copy Circus_Records_MIAMI-27 copyCircus_Records_MIAMI-23 copy

Overall, we had a great time at the Circus Records showcase, even though it was uncomfortably hot and sweaty at times – but hey, we are at a bass music showcase in Miami, would you expect anything less? While every artist played a great set, we would have really loved to see some back-to-back, or even b2b2b sets, from the Circus Records artists. A Cookie Monsta b2b Funtcase set, or Doctor P b2b Flux Set, would have been awesome to see, and something that we really feel is not too out of the question to expect from a showcase during Miami Music Week.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel]

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