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Dog Thieves Beware, The News Hub is Everywhere

No good deed goes unpunished. Take for example the following video. We’ll let you watch it before we tell you anymore… While the video itself is a spoof, the unsuspecting gent who finds himself on the wrong side of the law for kidnapping the Queen’s royal Corgis isn’t in on the prank (ahead of time […]

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Hitting the Road: Chevrolet in Hershey, PA

We hit the road on Saturday, July 26th for some good times and sweet rides, courtesy of Chevrolet, at Hershey Park. Our ride to and from Hershey was a breeze in our 2014 Chevy Impala. The air conditioned seats were ideal keeping cool in mid-Summer and the Bose speakers and Sirius/XM radio helped provide the […]

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Heineken Stage Fright

We cover a lot of different stage shows here at Independent Philly. This includes everything from concerts in small venues, major music festivals, comedy shows, performance art, and beyond. Having performed as a stand-up comedian myself, I am well acquainted with the notion of stage fright. I can be fully secure with the material I’ve […]

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Harmon Kardon Studio Onyx Speaker & LG F Flex Smart Phone (Sprint)

I recently got my hands on two pieces of tech to test-drive from the folks at Sprint. The first item was the Kardon Studio Onyx Bluetooth speaker. The Harman Kardon Studio Onyx is exclusively available from Sprint. The $399 (excluding tax) seemed a little pricey at first…until I took it out of the box and […]

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