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Mother of Dragons! Red Wedding Recap

Mother of Dragons! The Game Has Changed… Red Wedding Recap By: Dan Shorr  DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE Throughout the first eight episodes of this season, GoT Producers gifted fans with innumerous highlights. Sam killing a whitewalker. Dany’s dragons throwing a Valyrian BBQ. The Hound winning his dual with Beric […]

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Mother of Dragons! Game of Thrones Episode 7 Recap

Mother of Dragons! Ehh…Episode 7 Recap By: Dan Shorr Sorry to be an overly critical hater, but I thought this episode was the season’s weakest offering. Let’s find out why! No Longer Beyond the Wall: Her first time visiting beyond the Wall, Ygritte is adjusting to a different way of life. “You and your roads” she […]

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Mother of Dragons! The Climb: Game of Thrones Episode 6 Recap

Mother of Dragons! The Climb Recap By: Dan Shorr Jon climbs the 700 foot Wall with an ice pick and some custom shoes, and no one else’s storyline this episode quite has the same stakes in comparison. Beyond the Wall: Samwell Tarly is on the lam with Gilly and her newborn son following the Craster’s Keep […]

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Who Needs the Avengers?: A Review of Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Review By Dan Shorr Released this past weekend in the United States and Canada to the second biggest domestic opening in box-office history, Iron Man 3 is an incredibly entertaining comic-book extravaganza and a welcome reprieve from the film’s contrived formulaic predecessor. Shane Black, a stalwart ‘90s action screenwriter best known for […]

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Mother of Dragons! The Derriere Affair: Game of Thrones Episode 5 Recap

Mother of Dragons! The Derriere Affair: A Game of Thrones Episode 5 Recap By: Dan Shorr Five rear ends, three jarred babies and one execution, oh my! Cave: “The night is dark and full of terrors” croons Thoros of Myr, an ominous (albeit previously copyrighted) introduction to the Hound’s impending trial by justice as the […]

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