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Showcasing local events from smaller nightclub & concert shows to large, non-music related events like the Tattoo Arts Convention & Philadelphia Auto Show.

Reality Check: Fantasy Square Garden is a Dream Come True for Music Lovers

On Thursday night, after almost 13 hours of extra work in the new Bradley Cooper & Robert De Nero movie “Dark Fields”, I was exhausted. All I could think about was heading home, showering, changing from my suit into some comfy clothes, and getting off of my throbbing feet. Just as I was walking through […]

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“A” List to Zee Bar

On Thursday, April 1st Zee Bar celebrated its fourth anniversary with a party called “Sin City” and Independent Philly was there to take it all in.  There was a Las Vegas style theme including Elvis standing at the front door, dancers (in cages and hanging from the ceiling), and poker decorations. The first hour of […]

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Inkcredible! Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 03/26/2010

Independent Philly was in the house this afternoon for the opening day of the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. The convention is being held at the Sheraton Convention Center at 17th and Race Streets and will be open Saturday and Sunday as well. On the first floor of the convention (which is actually the second floor of the […]

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One Weekend In The Life of Independent Philly…

Monday? Again? At least this is no ordinary week we’re all faced with. With St. Patty’s Day on Wednesday and the NCAA tournament all day Thursday and Friday (not to mention games all day Saturday and Sunday and numerous other Irish laden drinking events over the weekend) this is shaping up to be a relaxed […]

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J-Woww & Justin RocKstar’s Birthday Bash 03/02/2010

  Last night at Taylor’s in Cherry Hill, New Jersey ( local celebrity Justin “RocKstar” celebrated his birthday along side Wired 96.5’s Kannon and Jenni “J-Woww” Farley from MTV’s recent mega-hit “Jersey Shore”.    I will be the first to admit I have never seen Jersey Shore and had no idea who J-Woww was but […]

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