Carly Rae Jepsen at The Fillmore

Carly Rae Jepsen rolled into Philly on Saturday, July 27th for a sold-out show with support from Phoebe Ryan. Phoebe Ryan was a new name to me prior to Saturday, so the expectations that I had set for her music weren’t too high. When I got to the Fillmore, it was crowded with a sea of excited fans which, believe it or not, consisted of all age groups with older adults being the majority of the crowd. When Phoebe Ryan first took the stage, she exuded strength and confidence. She spoke to the audience in a friendly and direct tone but really stole everyone’s attention when she began her set.

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Phoebe Ryan sang with a shockingly powerful voice that was somewhat reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, mixed with Amy Winehouse, mixed with Tove Lo. I was thoroughly impressed by her performance and her songs, which when paired with her beautifully ethereal, yet penetratingly haunting vocals, is a phenomenal combo. She owned the stage, her passion for her music shining through while she moved around, jumping up and down in front of the mic stand. Towards the end of her song ‘A Thousand Ways’, she moved around the stage with force as she grabbed her acoustic guitar and began playing along, captivating the audience’s attention with her eclectic style, green-tipped hair, long flowing yellow duster jacket, and thigh-high boots. Although I expected her to belong more to the pop genre, her songs were incredibly soulful and had an indie or alternative vibe to them.  ‘A Thousand Ways’ has been stuck in my head since her performance and I’m not even mad about it!

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After Phoebe’s set, you could feel the crowd’s anticipation as everyone waited anxiously for Carly Rae Jepsen’s entrance. When she did arrive, she appeared center stage, at the very top of the steps, her bright purple mini-dress and oversized yellow jacket were all highlighted by the four fluorescent red spotlights surrounding her. Everyone went wild with applause as she began her set. She also displayed a great amount of vivacity as she jumped around the stage with the energy of a high school cheerleader… a high school cheerleader that’s got an edginess to them. She was bubbly and interactive with the audience, adding brief remarks and small sentiments in between her songs. She also had quite a powerful stage presence which demanded the room’s attention. Her music was fun and catchy, and she had the capacity crowd hanging on her every word. Everyone loved her, myself included… The show was truly a great one, with two wonderfully strong female artists, both possessing extraordinarily strong vocal skills. It is safe to say that Carly Rae Jepsen and Phoebe Ryan both left fans at Fillmore Saturday night with memories to last a lifetime. Carly, we just saw you, and this is crazy, but come back to Philly, encore maybe? 

[Photos by Jen Strogatz]

[Article by Jen Strogatz]

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