C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough For Mega

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Philly Mega, an eight hour extravaganza of bass music, took place at Soundgarden Hall on Sunday, February 17th.

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The event, presented by Steez Promo, came on the heels of back to back sold-out shows at the venue (Above & Beyond and Twurkaholics), but that didn’t stop fans from coming out in large numbers to see some fantastic DJs.

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Local DJs Ruxbin, LoveCityDJs, and Jack Deezl were charged with warming up the crowd for the first few hours. All of these gents have established a strong local following, playing everything from small warehouse events to opening for major international superstars.

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Up next was a B2B (tag-team to the older crowd) set by drum & bass wizards AK1200 and Dara. These dudes have been on the scene since we started going to raves in the mid-1990’s and they brought the fire. Combining new tracks with old techniques (like spinning actual vinyl), their 90 minute set was personally our highlight of the night. We hope to hear a lot more proper drum & bass in Philly in 2013.

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Trap master Carnage took over at 11pm and dropped some dirty hip-hop infused beats on Soundgarden Hall. Many of the younger fans who seemed a little lost during AK1200 & Dara, came roaring back to life almost immediately after Carnage hit the decks. Trap music isn’t personally our favorite, but Carnage’s set was filthy and we enjoyed every single moment of it.

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FuntCase got his turn on the tables at midnight and the English dub-stepper, wearing his trademark mask, unloaded a blitz of up tempo beats on the crowd. His energy level was through the roof.

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Finally, headliner Cookie Monsta finished off the night with some late-night bass that reverberated throughout the entire space, causing everyone from the fans in the front (many of whom were rocking Cookie Monster inspired outfits) to those in the back to gobble down some sweet beats.

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