Bro Safari’s Animal House at Grand Central (MMW2015)

It may have been Monday night (March 23rd), with the “official” start of Miami Music Week still 24 hours away, but that did not stop the masses from showing up to Grand Central in Miami for the ‘Animal House’ show with Bro Safari and friends.

Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-6 copy Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-59 copy

Even though this was our first night in Miami, we hardly needed any convincing to stop by Grand Central, as the stacked line up included Bro Safari, Cory Enemy, CRNKN, ETC!ETC!, NIGHTMARE, Lookas, Ricky Remedy, Slander, and Snails.

Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-45 copy Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-25 copy

We arrived at the venue around 10:30, just a half hour after the show had kicked off, to find a line extending all the way down the block. A long line outside the club just 30 minutes after the start is usually a pretty good indication that the show is going to be a good one. And yes, it certainly was a fantastic night.

Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-101 copy Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-47 copy

When you have a show with so many DJs that could each headline the show on their own, it is pretty hard for it to be bad. And with no “openers” in the traditional sense of what an opening act is supposed to do, as in, set the mood for the headliner later, the DJs were all free to play banger after banger, and that is exactly what they did.

Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-105 copy Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-112 copy

There really wasn’t a set we didn’t enjoy, however, we quickly realized that by the end of the week, there are going to be some songs we never want to hear again. We are talking about you, Mr. I’m in Love with the Coco.

Bro_Safari_GrandCentral-123 copy

Overall, the show was a great kickoff to our time here in Miami, and quickly reminded us how much we adore Miami Music Week.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel]

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