Borgore: Dubstep Invasion at TLA

Dubstep is taking Philly, and the world, by storm. Skrillex, one of the biggest names in the genre, was recently nominated for a Grammy for best new artist.

On Thursday night, another Dubstep heavy hitter, Borgore, with support from Suga Shay, Dubsef, and Michetti, invaded the Theater of the Living Arts.

Presented by Steez Promo and Dubstep Mix, the event had fans lining up on South Street before the doors opened at 8pm.

Rocking out in cheetah-print pants, Suga Shay got the party started as she headbanged along with the crowd. Although the crowd was small at the beginning of the night, it continued to grow steadily over the next three hours, eventually packing the lower level.

Next up on the decks was Dubsef who is becoming a staple at local EDM events. This dude is crazy. His energy level is always through the roof as he jams along with the music. If you’re looking for a new work-out, just mimic this guy on stage. You’ll be sweating in no time.

Michetti took the reigns at around 11:15pm, opening with Jay Z and Kayne’s mega-hit “Niggas in Paris” (making him the third DJ of the night to play it). He probably could have closed with it and played it twice in the middle and no one would have cared. That track is straight fire.

Hands went up, “DUBSTEP!” chants rang out, glow-sticks twirled, and, as is common place at a Dubstep show, the whole place bounced.

At various moments fans jumped on stage, quickly jumping back into the audience for a well-timed crowd surf before security could grab them.

When Borgore hit the stage, accompanied by two female dancers (sporting nothing above the waste except pasties), the place went nuts.

Let’s break this guy down into two syllables. Bore? Not in the least. If anyone was yawning or uninspired by his set than they were obviously in the wrong place. Gore? Yup, this cat murdered it.

Borgore saw Dubsef’s energy and raised him one. As he drank Grey Goose (vodka) straight from the bottle, he bounced back and forth, up and down, and rocked the mic (even dropping a few beat-box bars).

At one point he was surrounded by several females that somehow made their way onto stage. Their time there lasted only a few minutes until they were whisked away.

When 1:30am rolled around it was time for the bass to break for the night. After setting his closing track, Borgore exited the stage, letting the music play itself out.

The venue quickly emptied out but the fans were still filled with joy. Rest assured that Dubsteppers won’t have to wait long to get their next fix of melt-your-face-off bass.

To view a short video and 70 additional photos of the event




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