Borgore Bumps Bass at TLA

Asaf Borger, better known by his DJ moniker, Borgore, hit the Theater of the Living Arts on Saturday, October 13th to drop bass-heavy dubstep beats on an all-ages, sold out crowd.

The event kicked off around 10pm with opening support from duo White Panda.

The venue was packed to the gills by the time Borgore hit the stage. His bare-bones stage set-up (by today’s standards) left plenty of room on stage for the DJ (who has a well known penchant for topless women) to pull a slew of female fans onto stage with him (as he is known to do).

Engaging fans through his track selection and via the mic, the Israeli born DJ had the place going nuts until the event ended at 2am.

Seeing is believing…check out the expanded photo gallery below:

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