Blink-182 at BB&T Pavilion

Take a trip back in time with us for a moment, and remember when you used to buy CD’s from Tower Records and all of your teen angst was in full force. You would get on the bus, put your headphones on and, more times than not, you turned to ‘Blink–182’.  On Saturday, August 12th, we got to relive those days at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey. We were graced with a stop on the “super-tour” headlined by is Blink-182, with support from ‘A Day To Remember’, and ‘All Time Low’. When the tour was announced, fans buzzed and excitement surged for what was to be an opportunity to experience something both memory-making and flashback-inducing: seeing Blink-182 live in concert.

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When we arrived at BB&T we could feel the energy radiating from the parking lot as everyone prepared for an undoubtedly incredible night of music and entertainment. From the moment that All Time Low began, the crowd was ready to have the time of their lives, and didn’t refrain from singing along to their favorites, starting with ‘Lost in Stereo’ and ending with ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In.’ All Time Low made sure that the party didn’t stop once during their set.

All Time Low set list:

1) Lost in Stereo

2) A Love Like War

3) Dancing with a Wolf

4) Kids in the Dark

5) Backseat Serenade

6) Something’s Gotta Give

7) Missing You

8) Weightless

9) Dear Maria, Count Me In

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Up next was the ferocious band known as A Day To Remember, who took the energy that All Time Low created and ran with it. They had the crowd losing their minds as they played hit after hit, and sent the audience into a frenzy when they decided to play ‘All I Want’ from their popular album ‘What Separates Me From You’.

A Day To Remember set list: 

1) The Downfall of Us All

2) I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

3) It’s Complicated

4) 2nd Sucks

5) Right Back at It Again

6) Have Faith in Me

7) All Signs Point to Lauderdale

8) Paranoia

9) All I Want

10) If It Means a Lot to You

11) The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

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Once A Day to Remember finished their set, a curtain was raised to cover the stage and the energy from the audience became even more palpable. Everyone there had been waiting for the moment when the curtain would to fall and finally reveal Blink-182. Once Blink took the stage, they started at 110% and kept the energy there for the remainder of the show. Starting with ‘Feeling This’ and continuing through their most popular tracks, Blink-182 had the entire BB&T Pavilion singing along the entire night. The entire seated section and lawn of the venue was packed full of people, and all we could see were faces with huge smiles as friends gathered to listen to their favorite band once again. Blink-182 gathered a phenomenal tour, bringing together bands we never thought we would see together again, and helped us to relive our past. We thank all of the bands for joining us in New Jersey this weekend, and wish all of them the very best as they continue their journey.

Blink-182 set list:

1) Feeling This

2) What’s My Age Again?

3) Family Reunion

4) The Rock Show

5) Cynical

6) First Date

7) Down

8) I Miss You

9) Bored to Death

10) Built This Pool

11) Dumpweed

12) Reckless Abandon

13) Stay Together for the Kids

14) San Diego

15) Not Now

16) Violence

17) Kings of the Weekend

18) Dysentery Gary

19) Happy Holidays, You Bastard

20) Carousel


21) Los Angeles

22) All the Small Things

23) Brohemian Rhapsody

24) Dammit

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Emily Holmquist]

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