Bingo Players, Bassjackers and MAKJ at The Trocadero Theatre

It’s a Monday night, they said.  The market is over saturated with shows, they said.  No one would come, they said.  It seemed like there were plenty of skeptics leading up to Monday night’s show at The Trocadero that featured Bingo Players along with support from Bassjackers and MAKJ.  However, from the very start of the show, the skeptics were proved wrong, as incredible production coupled with a great performance from all the acts gave Philadelphians one hell of a Monday Night.


MAKJ was playing when we arrived and we could already tell it was not going to be an ordinary Monday night.  Having recently seen MAKJ headline at Soundgarden Hall, we were curious to see what he would be like as an opener.  Although MAKJ was a “opening” act, the entire floor of the Trocadero was filled and everyone was dancing away. The crowd absolutely loved when MAKJ played a remix to the famous song by Queen “We Will Rock You” and everyone in the venue sang along to the tune.


After a brief technical delay, Bassjackers took over behind the decks, apologizing to attendees for the wait.  Although only half of Bassjackers, Marlon Flohr, was in attendance, he more than made up for it with his set.  Some songs we loved hearing were A-Trak’s “Heads Will Roll” remix, “Ode to Joy”, and his sampling of “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding.


The crowd also went nuts when Bassjackers dropped a trap tune completely unexpectedly, which in our opinion is a great way for a DJ to throw the crowd’s energy into overdrive.  Bassjackers also sampled “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” in a way we have never heard before. With all of the house music that Bassjackers played, it was a bit odd that he ended his set with a song from Skrillex, but no one in the crowd really seemed to care.


After Bassjackers it was time not only for the headliner, Bingo Players, to perform, but for the entire production of the tour to be revealed.  A large black cloth was covering the front of the DJ booth for both of the opening sets. When Bingo Players hit the stage, the cloth was removed and revealed an absolutely awesome setup that featured a DJ booth built out of boomboxes.  The DJ booth came equipped with laser lights galore and on either side of the DJ booth were large light up speakers.


As soon as Bingo Players (who just like Bassjackers had only one member, Maarten Hoogstraten, present) hit play, we knew the best was yet to come.  Bingo Players started their set off with the vocals from the famous song “You’re as Cold as Ice”, which they then mixed into “Ode to Oi” by TJR.  He then sampled “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”, which was mixed into an original track by Bingo Players.  Although this mixing was awesome, it was the second time of the night we heard “Ode to Oi” and “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” played, and we wished that either opening act had played different music from the headliner (or vice versa).


 It was not until about half way through Bingo Players performance that the production value of the night was put on full display as laser lights, air cannons, and fog galore filled the Trocadero.  


During Bingo Players set, the opening acts made their way into the 21+ top floor of the venue and mingled with fans.  This is something that not every artist does.  Many artists cannot wait to finish playing and head back to their hotel.  Not Bassjackers and MAKJ! They bought fans drinks, posed for pictures, and just shot the shit with anyone that came up to talk to them.


We realized, when the night seemed to be coming to an end around 1am, just how many people were in attendance and that even though it was a Monday night, everyone was still dancing and having a great time. Bingo Players finished the set with an encore, playing their original track “Rattle”, while MAKJ and Bassjackers jumped off the stage and began crowd surfing.


 Bingo Players thanked everyone who came out as the lights in the venue came back on and people started making their way outside.  But then out of nowhere,  Bingo Players reemerged back on stage and played a second encore.  We were standing on the top floor looking down and could see tons of attendees who had started walking out of the venue immediately turn around and run back onto the dance floor.


It finally came time for the night to end and we doubt that anyone was very excited about this.  Overall, the show was beyond our wildest expectations.  It is common knowledge just how over saturated the market is in Philadelphia for EDM shows at the moment.  Any given week at least one major artist will be performing.  With this in mind, it takes a very special tour to be able to bring out the crowd that appeared Monday at the Trocadero.  The Rattle & Roll tour had just the right ingredients – incredible production coupled with incredibly talented DJs.

[Photos by Garfinkel Photography]

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