Big Gigantic Draws Huge Crowd to Electric Factory

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Even with the multitude of sub-genres popping up in the world of EDM, it’s impossible to pigeon hole Colorado duo “Big Gigantic” into any of them.

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With Dominic Lalli on production and saxophone, and Jeremy Salken on drums, they have carved out a niche all their own.

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Their live production over a multitude of popular beats would be enough to draw a big crowd. Add in their stunning visual stage mapping, and those crowds become gigantic.

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That was the case on Friday, February 22nd as they sold-out the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

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Fans flooded into the Factory from the moment the doors opened at 8pm, snagging prime viewing spots for the rest of the evening. When opening act “Space Jesus” hit the stage at 9pm, you could already feel the electricity in the air. The prodigal son of EDM dropped a psychedelic and hip-hop infused 30 minute set that quite literally set the stage for a fantastic night of music, to the delight of everyone already in attendance.

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Up next was “Kill Paris”, and the purveyor of future funk took a night off from French homicide, choosing instead to absolutely kill it right here in Philly. His set was upbeat, and downright dirty all at once. Corey Baker might want to consider a name change because Killadelphia would be quite fitting after his performance last night.

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With energy levels already running high, and the Electric Factory packed to the gills, Big Gigantic hit the stage around 1130pm and things got grimy. Hanging on every cymbal crash and wail of the sax, the crowd threw their hands up and got down for the next 90 minutes.

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The visuals were amazing; the mapping changed between everything from psychedelic patterns to giant slot machines. The energy on stage and in the crowd below was fitting for a venue named after generating electricity. It was a powerful performance and experience for fans from the front of the crowd to the back of the balcony.

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If you missed it, sax to be you.

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