Big Gigantic at the Electric Factory

What happens when you take live funk music, combine it with the genius of two of electronic music’s brightest minds, add a dose of Colorado vibes, and top it off with a dance floor of excited fans? You get Big Gigantic, one of EDM’s premiere groups who have rose to fame with their signature sound of electro-jazz. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, the two members of the duo, are known for their improvisational skills on both saxophone and drums, and their ability to turn a music venue into the most epic party you’ve ever been to. On Saturday night, April 9th, Big G brought their Spring Tour to the legendary Electric Factory and gave our city a heavy dose of funktastic dance music that left fans with an experience they’ll never forget.

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The night started out with local opener Wax Future, NYC duo Horizon Wireless, and producer Melvv. These openers all featured diverse sounds that equally played a vital role in hyping the crowd up for the bigger name talent. One thing we enjoyed about their sets is that we heard a lot of music that we don’t normally get to here. Their sets didn’t sound like every other opening set, and an openers ability to do that can sometimes be lost in their hope of getting a major reaction from the crowd. These three filled the first two hours of the show with quality music that fit perfectly into their set times and we applaud them for understanding their role and still being able to show off the talent that all three acts clearly have.

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The first major name of the night was Louis The Child, a future bass duo from Chicago that provided direct support for Big G. Louis The Child has been a name that is becoming more and more recognized by the average dance music fan, and for good reason. The group specializes in soulful lyrics that work perfectly with their overall chilled out vibe. On Saturday night they played out many of their biggest hits, closing with their biggest song to date entitled “It’s Strange”. Needless to say, Louis The Child proved that they are here to stay in dance music, and that their style of music can translate into a set that any fan can get down to. We would love to get a chance to see them play a headlining slot, as the curiosity builds in what they would choose song selection wise without an headliner playing after them. That kind of freedom in a set could be the separation in them staying at their current status, or reaching a higher level of fame in the scene. We have confidence that the day where the duo will be headlining their own tour will be very soon, and we are extremely excited to see what that entails.

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As the set change between Louis The Child and Big G began, the crowd began to buzz with an energy that had not been present for the rest of the night. While the opening acts were connecting well with the crowd and getting them moving, this kind of excitement was unprecedented. You could feel it in the air, this place was ready for Dom and Jeremy.

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Suddenly, the stage is still. The equipment is set up, the lights are dark, and the crowd is patently waiting. Two silhouettes appear on the side of the stage, and as soon as they walk into the lighting on the stage, the crowd begins to lose its mind. It’s time for the party to really get started, and there’s no party out there like a Big G party. Over the next almost two hours, the Colorado duo slayed the crowd at the factory with a combination of originals, jazzified versions of EDM classics, and brand new music never heard before. Dom’s ability to mix, MC for the duo, and jam out on his sax was awe inspiring, and Jeremy could not have put more soul into his performance on the drums. The air was electric and the vibes were absolutely on point. The crowd seemed to come together in one solid groove, creating an atmosphere of love and appreciation for the group.

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This performance had everything to offer from a live version of Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s classic remix of “Louder” by DJ Fresh, to improvisational jam sessions during Big G originals such as “Touch The Sky” and “I Need A Dollar”, to sing alongs with the crowd during the group’s collaboration with Griz entitled Good Times Roll. As the final notes of the set came to a end, the crowd could not stop cheering for the performance they had just seen. A mix of happiness and sadness filled the crowd as simultaneously fans on their way out proclaimed “Best Big G set I’ve ever seen” and “Damn, I wish that set could have gone forever”. Saturday, April 9th will never be a night that dance music fans of this city ever forget, and we are praying to the funk gods while counting down the days till the next time we get to have Big G in our city.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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