Beats Antique: Bangin’ Bellies, Bizarre Sounds, and Beyond

What do you get when you combine drums, belly dancing, sax, Mexican wrestling disguises, violin, gas masks, feathers, and marinate it in music from around the globe? The sound, the sights, the sensation, known as Beats Antique.

Hours before we caught their headlining gig at the Theater of the Living Arts on Thursday night, we spoke with the trio of performers as they were wrapping up their sound check. They told us about naming their band, sex changes, the sustainable living roadshow, Katy Perry, alien babies, coconut water, their new album, and much, much more.

You can watch the video interview here.

After speaking with David Satori, Zoe Jakes, and Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel, we couldn’t wait to catch the show. The venue filled up with fans as the opening acts had a chance to warm up the crowd. Shortly after 10pm, it was time for Beats Antique to bring their sound to the stage.

Their music has been called electronic-world-belly dance fusion, but there is no way to stuff it into any one sub-genre. It incorporates sounds from around the world, across eras of time, and visual performances from Jakes and a cast of other dancers that tie it all together.

If we had to sum up the show it one word, it would be: WOW! Beats Antique is truly unique. The show was unlike anything we have heard, or seen before. It was funky, haunting, mesmerizing, and bizarre. We loved every minute of it.

There were booming drums, animal costumes, gas-mask burlesque movements, beer drinking, and crowd surfing in an inflatable raft. This show had it all.

When the show finally ended around 1am, the party moved to Headhouse for a few more hours of DJ’s, dancing, glow hooping, and imbibing.

To view additional photos of the night, please click HERE

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