Beats Antique at The TLA

Philadelphia was sent down the rabbit hole as ‘Beats Antique’ brought a tour to the TLA that we will not soon forget. As another beautiful evening came upon us on Sunday, October 16th the crowd began pouring into the Theater of the Living Arts. Fans came from far and wide to see the long awaited return of Beats Antique to Philadelphia along with ‘Too Many Zooz’ and ‘Thriftworks’. As the night started we all were quickly aware that this was not going to just be any ordinary show, but rather, this was going to be something special, a collaboration of so many different sounds and genres over the evening.

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As we arrived Thriftworks was starting the evening off with a blend of melodic and slower paced music. It was unlike anything we have heard before, a blend of so many different sounds that combine in a way not thought possible. The Pennsylvania native took the crowd up and down and all around as he pushed the boundaries of music and creativity to create something truly beautiful to the ears. As Jake progressed through his set he took a minute to talk to audience about his journey through music, and also went on to tell the crowd that he had just played an all-original set for the very receptive crowd. As the lights dimmed after Thriftworks, we all awaited Too Many Zooz.

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As Too Many Zooz took the stage, we could immediately see that this was going to be a much different set than what we had just experienced. Upon seeing and hearing the group for the first time our initial reaction was that they sounded like a group that you would here while catching the subway. Full of life and energy they had the crowd dancing throughout their entire set. They were different, funky, fast-paced, and downright fun. From dancing to butt shaking, their set took the crowd on a journey that included both dancing and bouncing. After taking some time to talk to the audience the group stated that they had in fact had their start in subway stations, playing for those who would listen. To think about their humble beginnings to seeing them bring down the house at the TLA was truly incredible.

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Again, the lights dimmed and everyone in the crowd grew more anxious by the second. We had all been waiting for Beats Antique to take the stage from the moment we walked through security, and now it was finally happening. As all of the lights remained off, all that was visible was a glowing orb of sorts. Being walked and danced across the stage, Beats made sure to start as they always do, draw their audience in and continue to impress from there on out. They started heavy and didn’t release the gas pedal the entire night.

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Their song selection ranged from some of our very favorite Beats Antique tracks to tracks that we did not recognize from this unbelievably different group of musicians. There aren’t many groups out there like Beats Antique, and that is what makes them so special, they have such an original sound that it is nearly impossible to recreate. We want to thank Beats Antique for bringing this incredible tour to Philly alongside Too Many Zooz and Thriftworks and wish them all the best along the way.

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[Photos and article by: Josh Campbell Photography]

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