Beanie Sigel, Jahlil Beats, & Jadakiss at The Troc

This past Sunday night, March 6th, Beanie Sigel, along with Jadakiss and Jahlil Beats, put on quite a show, at the legendary Trocadero, in honor of Beanie’s birthday. Throughout the night Beanie and Jahlil Beats brought out plenty of special guests that shocked the crowd. Probably the biggest guest was comedian Katt Williams who came out to support Beanie after his own comedy show earlier that night at the Liacouras Center.

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From the very beginning of the show the crowd showed their love for the City of Philadelphia and their genuine support for the artists performing. As the night progressed, the energy built as well. The first performer was hometown artist Chill Moody who we have been covering for years. It was great to see him perform along with the other acts as he continues to build his brand outside of the Philly.

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Throughout his set, Jahlil Beats played his hits that he has produced and been apart of throughout the past couple years, which definitely got the crowd moving. The show was also a bit of a celebration for J-Beats as well since he just recently announced his own label, “Tandem”. During Beat’s set he brought out many guests such as Dave East from Harlem, New York. By this time Katt Williams had walked into the building and hopped right on stage wearing a Gucci skull cap, a Diplomats tee, and a huge fur coat. From the moment he entered the venue, he did absolutely whatever he wanted, walking right up to center stage no matter who was performing. The crowd absolutely loved it. Some of the performers didn’t seem to appreciate it however which led to a bit of a dust up between Katt Williams and some of the others on stage.

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Jahlil Beats continued to DJ throughout the night but around 11 o’clock the show really picked up as Beanie took the stage.He performed both his new and old music, but none of his bigger hits until later in the night. The first guest he brought out was Katt who had just gifted him a matte black Lamborgini that night. After that, Beanie brought out Young Chris and Neef Buck who performed a couple their hits from their State Property days.

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Next up was Jadakiss and the fans responded accordingly, showing him the ample love and respect that they showed every other artist. Beanie closed the show by performing his new song “Top Shotta” (produced by Jahlil Beats) which ended the night perfectly.

[Photos & Article by: Sam Conant]

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