Bass Nation Invades Soundgarden Hall with Crizzly, Xilent, and Ajapai


Philly got a full dosage of bass on Friday, April 12th when Crizzly, Xilent, Ajapai, and Des McMahon hit Soundgarden Hall for Bass Nation.  The show featured support from locals Love City DJs and Jack Deezl, and was a great time from the moment the doors opened.


After Jack Deezl and Love City DJs kicked off the night and warmed up the crowd, Ajapai hit the decks rocking a fedora…this may be a first for any DJ at Soundgarden Hall.


The Japanese Dubstep maestro, Ajapai, put on an awesome set that, as one could guess, was filled with bass.  The crowd was left begging for more when Xilent came on following Ajapai.


Rocking shades and blasting bass heavy tunes, Xilent picked up the pace and kept the crowd rocking.  Xilent did not disappoint and his fellow English countrymen would have been proud of his performance.


The fans at SGH seemed to enjoy Xilent so much that the night could have ended with him.  We were very happy that it didn’t however, because we knew the best had yet to come.  Up next was Texas based Crizzly and his kilt wearing hype man.


We have covered Crizzly numerous times (most recently at Snowball Music Festival and when he opened for EOTO at the TLA) and knew his set was going to be a blast.


Crizzly mixed a wide variety of music and played everything from Missy Elliot remixes to a remix of “This is the Way We Ball”

Crizzly “Way We Ball”.


Crizzly’s hype man put on a show of his own. We believe another first happened at Soundgarden this night as he ran through the crowd and onto the balcony with the microphone, handing it off to people as he went by.


The night got even wilder as people were brought onto the stage, cell phones we borrowed from the audience and used to film, and multiple crowd surfing rides went down.


Crizzly showed Philly yet again that he is the real deal.  Bass Nation Philly was again the place to be and we can’t wait for the next one on Friday, April 26th at Soundgarden Hall featuring Bro Safari, Roksonix and many more.

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[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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