Bass Nation with Doctor P, Mayhem, and Shy KidX at Soundgarden Hall

Soundgarden Hall was the place to be on Thursday, November 14th for the latest edition of Bass Nation with Shy KidX, Mayhem, and headliner, Doctor P.

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The evening kicked off with an opening set (830pm-930pm) by locals ‘EZ Money’. Sadly we didn’t arrive in time to catch it for ourselves but in speaking with the duo after their set, we quickly decided that we’ll be sure to catch them the next time around. Their love for the music became abundantly apparent during our chat and they’ve been at it long enough (as solo artists) to bring a strong skill set to this new joint venture. Elvis + Issac = EZ MONEY.

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The next set was held down by Soundgarden Hall mainstay, Ethan Dubb. E-Dubb set the stage like a pro, mixing in some boombastic dub and moombah tracks with a sprinkling of drum and bass for good measure. We’ve sung his praises before and we’ll do it again, he simply does the damn thing, and does it right. As excited as those in attendance were for his set, E-Dubb was equally as excited to see the black Power Ranger watching his set from the crowd.

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Up next was the first of the three touring DJs, Shy KidX. While we weren’t highly familiar with him prior to his set, we were certainly impressed with what he brought to the table. Able to wow bass-heads and punk-rockers alike, we’re happy to have discovered his music and look forward to checking out some his recorded material.

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Mayhem has been producing/spinning with no regard for bass-challenged individuals for well over a decade and every time we have a chance to see him, we’re reminded of just how much we enjoy seeing him perform. We’ve been huge drum and bass fans since the 90’s and Mayhem has kept the D&B torch burning, championing the genre when many others abandoned it for more mainstream variants of bass music. While he also incorporates a lot of dubstep into his sets, the promise of some D&B is always just around the corner.

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We caught about 30 minutes of Mayhem’s set before heading off to the Green Room for our interview with Doctor P (which you can catch below):

Once our interview had wrapped we headed back to the stage to catch the end of Mayhem’s set. At 1245am, Doctor P kicked off his headlining set. With tons of hits like “Big Boss” “Tetris” and “The Pit” under his belt, as well as some stellar remixes, we knew we were going to thoroughly enjoy his set. It’s still strange to us to hear DJs (and fans alike) talk about live mixing as if it’s some next level skill, but by today’s “press play” standards, it just might be. We will always be of the firm belief that DJs should not plan their sets in advance; feel the crowd out and play spontaneously.

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Doctor P did just that on Friday night, opening with “Love Goes Down” followed by several of his own productions and other fan favorites. Personally we would have loved to see him play a straight drum and bass set but that’s unlikely to happen any time soon (in Philly anyway).

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When his set ended around 2am he took the time to shake hands with fans, take photos, and sign autographs. Aside from being a fantastic producer, actual DJ, and label co-owner, he is one of the most humble and down to Earth performers we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. We hope to see him back in Philly sometime next year!

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography and Garfinkel Photography]

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