Bangarang Brings Brazilian Bash to Arts Garage

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If we had our way, we would be chilling on the Brazilian beaches of Rio by day, and soaking up the one-of-a-kind flavor of Carnival by night.

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In reality, our current situation has us posted up far north of the equator in the City of Brotherly love. However, one thing we Americans are quite good at is taking the opportunity to celebrate other cultures, especially when it calls for a party.

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On Saturday, May 4th, Bangarang held their 3rd annual Carnival party at the Arts Garage. This year, the theme was Brazilian Carnival.

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The event, which took place from 6pm-2am, featured three rooms of music indoors and an additional outdoor stage that featured DJs until 10pm.

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In addition to the the music, there was a live artist (painter), a photo booth area, a moon bounce, the Dubstar bus (courtesy of Space Pirates), fire performers, body painting, a ball pit, food, drinks, and a samba contest.

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Party goers came dressed in everything from fairly normal attire to some very lavish costumes. The one thing that everyone at Carnival had in common was that they all came to have a great time.

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We cover a lot of main stream concerts and EDM stage shows here at Independent Philly. Sometimes it’s nice to spend an evening at an event that is a little off the beaten path.

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Carnival, as it had in previous years, had the feel of an old-school warehouse party or rave. No one cared where the DJs were, this was not an “all eyes facing forward” event as we have become so accustomed to seeing. Everyone was dancing, enjoying themselves (and those around them), and taking in the sights and sounds of Carnival that unfolded all around them.

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The DJ line-up for the night featured a wide range of talent, many of whom were locals. The music was fantastic. While we did hear many current commercial hits within the first few hours, by the time the music moved completely indoors at 10pm things got downright funky. To our delight, the commercial tunes were replaced with some good old fashioned house music, REAL house music.

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From that point on, no matter what room we ventured into, people were getting down. Wandering from area to area, we took in bits and pieces of some fantastic sets. While we legitimately enjoyed everything we heard, some of our favorite sets of the night came from Dubsef, The Architech, Wattie Green, Nate Dark vs Dj Nysus, and Tektite.

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The full line-up for the night was as follows:

6-7 Dre Ovalle
7-8 Basskitty
8-9 Michael Nighttime
9-10 Dubseff (Parade at 930)

6-7 Doc Holiday
7-8 Resin
8-9 Jordan Flixxx
9-10 Wilson Steely
10-11 The Architech
11-12 Pete Stone
12-1 Ez almighty
1-2 Mr Jennings

Main Room:
9-11 Barney Iller (Miss Samba Contest at 10:30)
11-12:30 Wattie Green
12:30-2 Rob Paine

9-1130 Ginkgo
1130-1 Nate Dark vs Dj Nysus
1-2 Tektite

It was a fantastic evening full of great music, great people, and great vibes that reminded us of why we fell in love with the underground scene so long ago. As EDM moves more and more into the mainstream, the niche for the underground seems to be experiencing a solidified rebirth.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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