Bamboozle Brings Festival Flavor to Meadowlands

After traveling to California to take in Coachella, Independent Philly spent Sunday (May 2nd) much closer to home. Instead of flying over 3,000 miles it was two hours in a car that brought us to the final day of the Bamboozle Festival which was held in the Meadowlands of New Jersey.
Crowd & Giants Stadium(s)

  The first part of the day was forgettable (bands we didn’t know playing songs we didn’t especially like). It was hot and humid and the only place to sit was on the hard parking lot concrete. After walking around, buying a few t-shirts and something to eat, and watching “Ke$ha” (a total train wreck), the afternoon started picking up.  


Ferris Wheel

  It started with a good set by the band “Say Anything”. 

Say Anything
Say Anything
Say Anything

  Next the band “Mute Math” dropped a killer set on the main stage. The music was getting as hot as the weather. 

Mute Math
Mute Math
Mute Math
Mute Math
Next up with Brooklyn duo “Matt & Kim”. As soon as they took the stage Matt climbed to the top of the stage and began waving a towel over his head to pump up the crowd. It worked.
I didn’t get to see much of their set at Coachella because it conflicted with “Florence and the Machine” so I enjoyed getting to hear them play for almost an hour at Bamboozle.
Matt Climbs The Stage
Matt Above Stage
At one point Matt told the crowd that the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area was home to the world’s greatest convenience store: Wawa. I couldn’t agree more.
Matt & Kim
Matt & Kim
Matt & Kim Wrapping Up
And then it was time for the sun to set and what better way to celebrate the cool breeze and lower temperatures than with a Girl Talk? As per usual the DJ with something for everyone had the stage packed with dancing, crazy party people as he rocked the crowd with mash-up after mash-up.
Girl Talk Takes The Stage
Girl Talk (It's A Party On Stage)
There’s nothing like a good Girl Talk set but all good things must come to an end and when it did it was time for “MGMT”.
We hung back from the stage for this one and that might have been a mistake because several times it was hard to hear the soft-spoken band.
As they ended their set with the song “Kids” they asked Weezer to come out on the main stage (about 100 yards away at most) and play it along with them. It didn’t happen.
MGMT (Electric Feel)
Finally, it was time for “Weezer” to headline the show. They did not disappoint. They rocked the crowd with hit after hit (prompting many sing-a-longs from the audience).

 You can check out this video of “Weezer” performing their song “Troublemaker” here:

“Weezer” was the only band that came back out for an encore and it was one of a kind. They came out and played “Kids” by “MGMT” (which was better than the original), transitioned into “Poker Face” by “Lady Gaga”, and then played the two together as a live mash-up. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the evening before heading back to Philadelphia.

Weezer Closing Out The Night
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