Atlantic City Experiences New Year’s Eve 2013 with Life in Color (Dayglow)

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There were countless options for ways to ring in the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 on New Year’s Eve.

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As far as we could tell, only one option involved packing over 10,000 people into a heated tent in Atlantic City for seven hours and soaking them with enough neon paint to literally paint the town red (green, blue, and pink anyway).

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Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) invaded Bader Field in AC for a memorable night that featured the paint, performance artists, and top notch DJs that have become the signature of their nationwide events.

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For New Year’s Eve, the party was ratcheted up from the normal five hour event to a full seven hours. The music was provided by David Solano, Tommy Trash, Adventure Club, and headliner, Steve Aoki. As always, the party was hosted by MC Emir Duru.

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The doors opened at 7pm and it wasn’t long before the tent began to rapidly fill with party-goers clad in white and neon clothing, and sporting 2013 NYE garb.

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Once inside, there were plenty of options for spending more money (in typical Atlantic City fashion). There were libations for those 21+, drinks, food, paint, t-shirts, light up toys, and even designer condoms.

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The crowd continued to grow in size and by the time Tommy Trash hit the decks shortly after 9pm the party was in full beast mode. Although the music was on point all night, Trash played the set of the night in our estimation.

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Up next was Adventure Club who took the reigns and led the party into the final minutes of 2012, closing out what was a memorable year to say the least. Complete with a countdown, paint blast, confetti, and digital ball drop at midnight, the year came to a close and 2013 officially began with a bang.

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Steve Aoki isn’t as much a DJ as he is a performer. His antics on stage (and in the crowd) are well documented. From his crowd surfing on rafts and inflatable mattresses, to champagne baths, to smashing full cakes in the faces of his fans, the man knows how to get a venue pumped up.

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That’s exactly how 10,000+ people spent their first 90 minutes of the New Year, basking in the showmanship of Steve Aoki and Life in Color.

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The final 30 minutes of the party featured a closing set by David Solano (who had also played for an hour prior to Tommy Trash) who wrapped the entire event up in a nice New Year’s bow. It was seven hours of mayhem and the perfect way to close out one year, and begin the next.

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We wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013.

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