Archnemesis Showcases Musical Heroics at The Blockley


On Wednesday night at The Blockley in University City, Deathwaltz Media presented a night of EDM magic with Govinda, Space Jesus, and headliners, Archnemesis.


Govinda was simply amazing. Trained in classical violin, he fuzes his live playing together with several elements of electronic music and visual stimulation.

In this day in age it’s rare to experience something truly unique but Govinda certainly fits the bill. He’s played with acts like Thievery Corporation, Bassnecter, and STS9 in much larger venues so it was a treat to experience his set in such an intimate setting.

Space Jesus

After Govinda, Space Jesus (who certainly looks the part and had started the night off with a set at 9pm) kept the uptempo vibe going as fans awaited the headliners. The crowd grew in size and anticipation.

When Archnemesis hit the stage, it became quickly apparent that those in attendance were in for a treat. The lights were crazy, the beats were bumpin’, and fans were gettin’ down.

This dynamic duo (Curt Heiny and Justin Aubuchon) is sample crazy, mixing in blips and clips from early 20th century blues to hip-hop (and everything in between).  We’ve been telling you about this show for the past few weeks so if you missed it, you have no one to blame but yourself. For your sake, we hope you experienced live.

To check out video of Archnemesis as well as an additional 25 photos…


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