Animal House Tour with Bro Safari, Torro Torro, & Crnkn at Soundgarden Hall

The Animal House Tour rolled into Soundgarden Hall on Friday, December 13th with an action packed line-up consisting of DJs CRNKN, Torro Torro, and headliner, Bro Safari. The show (as well as the rest of the tour) was hosted by MC Sharpness.

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Sharpness was without a doubt one of our favorite MCs from the heydays of the Philly drum & bass scene, when the Monday night ‘Platinum’ party at Fluid was one of the highlights of the week.

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The show also featured an extended opening set by Ethan Dubb.

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We arrived a little later than intended at the venue due to a prior obligation. Not sure how the turnout would be (the night before the sold-out Flosstradamus show) we were pleased to find a large crowd already on hand when we walked inside around 1045pm. Ethan Dubb was just finishing up his set. E-Dubb has become quite a fan favorite in Philly and fans we spoke with were very happy to see him throw down for a full two hours.

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CRNKN hit the stage just around the same time we did (it took a while to make our way through the crowd) at 11pm and instantly started rocking some banging tracks. We didn’t get to listen to more than 15 minutes of his set before we had to head back through the crowd, outside, and across the street to meet Bro Safari on his tour bus for our scheduled interview.

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You can catch that interview right here:

When our interview was over we got to check out the bus (as well as his collection of “Kandy” bracelets his fans have given him on this tour). We then headed back over to Soundgarden Hall with Bro Safari. By the time we made our way back to the stage area, CRNKN was just wrapping up and Toronto based duo Torro Torro was about to take over.

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Torro Torro has become synonymous with party music. Their original productions and remixes will have the most stoic among us itching to shake their ass on the dance floor; their DJ sets take things to another level. For the next hour they had SGH going nuts. The vibe during their set (as well as for CRNKN before them and Bro Safari after) was one of the best we’ve felt there in a long time. This was a crowd that came to get down, and the DJs did a fantastic job of supplying the proper sound-track.

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Around 1am it was time for Knick Weller, the man behind Bro Safari to take over and close out the Animal House Tour in style. With his DJ tour mates flanking him on either side, and Sharpness out in front hyping up the crowd, Bro Safari dug in his heels and unleashed a beastly set. For the next 90 minutes it truly was an Animal House inside Soundgarden Hall as everyone from the DJs, to the security guards, to the fans (many sporting Bro Safari masks that were handed out) could be seen smiling and having a great time.

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As has become custom, the fans chanted for one more song when his set came to an end and he was more than happy to oblige. We know we’ll be seeing Bro Safari back in Philly in 2014 and we are looking forward to it.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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You can view the full post-game press conference video (Villanova) and additional photos in the gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

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