An Evening of Metal Majesty with Baroness at Union Transfer

Article & Photos by Keith Baker

As the pulsating heartbeat of Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene, Union Transfer found itself engulfed in a tempest of sound and energy when the mighty Baroness came to town this past week. In this hallowed space where music and mettle converge, Baroness forged an unforgettable aural odyssey that echoed through the City of Brotherly Love.


               Metal incarnate straight out of the coffin and onto the stage. These guys are wild animals wrapped in chains, spikes, denim, and leather. If you weren’t alive for 80’s metal go experience Zorn live and you will be transported back in time. A bit of a warning; be prepared to dodge pieces of coffin and whipping chains. No one is safe until the lid is back on the coffin!


               The clanging of metal in the darkness was violently interrupted by a single spotlight shining on a howling frontman. This was Uniform opening up on the crowd at Union Transfer. As a NY industrial noise band, their set was all energy; blasting the audience nonstop for the entirety of their set. The crowd acknowledged in approval, and the band answered back in between songs returning howls of their own.

Sheer Mag

               Classic rockers, Sheer Mag had even the toughest barbarians in the crowd clappin’ and swayin’. The band’s set of talented guitarists traded solos while the crowd was serenaded by Christina Halladay’s bluesy vocals. Their 70’s rock sound, with a hint of punk, translated well for a mix-genre bill and was a perfect Segway just before Baroness’ set.


               Wrapping up the Sweet Oblivion tour and celebrating their new album “STONE”, Baroness took to the stage amongst a triumphant roar from the crowd. The venue sold out within 10 minutes of doors opening, and the place was packed all the way to the back of the balcony. Philly native Gina Gleason on lead guitar absolutely erupted during the band’s set; headbanging metal hair and throwing riffs from every direction.

I braved into the pit to sneak a few shots of John Baizley as he was belting out the vocals during their set. If you haven’t seen this in person, he has the jaws of a lion.

In the aftermath of Baroness’s phonic spectacle, the echoes of their performance linger in the air, a reverie for those fortunate enough to witness the metal magic. With each chord and thunderous beat, Baroness left a mark on the night, transcending the boundaries of music and creating an immersive experience that will resonate in the hearts of attendees long after the final notes fade away. It was a symphony of intensity, and a testament to Baroness’s prowess as architects of sonic transcendence. Baroness proved once again why they reign supreme in the realm of contemporary metal.

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