All’s Well That Axwell

Starlight, Star bright, Axwell was the biggest star we saw tonight. Axwell is a member of the famed Swedish House Mafia, and currently ranked as one of the top 10 DJ’s on the planet. On Saturday night, he made a stop in Philly at the Starlight Ballroom to throw down a monster set in front of a venue packed to the gills with EDM fans.

The event, presented by NV Concepts, Mass EDMC, and Steez Promo, had fans lining up in droves down 9th street outside of the venue for hours.

Once inside, it was a sweaty hot mess of dancing maniacs and dirty beats. The lights were simply insane, an Epileptic’s worst nightmare.

The opening DJ’s for the evening were Jeff Heart and Bamboora. Jeff Heart has been playing in Philly for ages and is a crowd favorite. Bamboora had the place rocking. In his bright Mass EDMC t-shirt, he pumped up the crowd to a fever pitch. The place was ready to explode and when Axwell took the stage just before midnight, it did exactly that.

Axwell took the stage as fans chanted his name. He took the mic and begged the question, “Are you ready Philadelphia?”

Philadelphia might have thought it was ready, but nothing could have prepared the crowd for the next two hours of sheer insanity.

The energy in the room was palpable as Axwell laid down one club banger after the next. The mirrored walls that line the room were completely fogged over and literally dripping with condensation. It’s surprising that it didn’t melt the snow that covered the ground outside.

Cooling relief came in the form of CO2 blasts shot from cannons on the stage and water handed out to fans in the front row. As impressed as the fans were with Axwell, the DJ seemed equally impressed with the crowd, mentioning that the best decision he’d made in a while was to come to Philadelphia. After the show, he Tweeted “Philadelphia ! Sweat doesn’t lie!”

Just before 2am Axwell thanked the crowd who again chanted his name, begging for one more song. They got it.

The event was top-notch. EDM is taking the world by storm like never before and this is just be the tip of the iceberg for 2012.

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