Above and Beyond: Group Therapy Session at TLA

Last night at the Theater of the Living Arts, the insanely popular European DJ/producer collective known as Above & Beyond, brought their “Group Therapy North America” tour to a rabid sold-out crowd of EDM fans.

The all ages show, presented locally by Steez Promo and NV Concepts, quickly filled the venue to capacity. With DJ Elysian and Josh Heart providing the opening sets, the party quickly got under way. It was like a hot and steamy can of sardines.

With dubstep taking center stage at many EDM shows these days, it was refreshing to go an entire night without hearing any. This night was about house, trance, and of course Group Therapy.

We knew their shows can get crazy, but when the headliners took the stage around midnight, it was above & beyond what we’d imagined.

Clearly everyone in attendance had some pent up dancing and raging to do. Once Group Therapy began, it was time to vent and just let go.

Those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder soon got all of the light therapy they needed to shed those winter blues, and the energy level of Above & Bey0nd was instantly felt by the crowd who returned it ten fold.

Giant digital emotive visuals, on screens behind the turntables, told the tale of the tracks being played.

Paavo Siljamäki and Jono Grant swapped head-phones repeatedly as their tag-team set spanned into the wee morning hours. Both DJs made their way to the front of the stage on several occasions to high five fans and shake their hands.

When the party finally came to an end, fans shuffled out into the cold rainy evening in a glorious therapeutic trance.

To full an expanded photo gallery and video of the event,


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