ABC Supply 500 Indy Car Race at Pocono Raceway

It was a picture-perfect day on Sunday, August 20, at the Pocono Raceway for the ABC Supply 500 Indy Car race. The 200 lap, 500-mile race, is a very family and fan-friendly environment, with multiple vintage car displays, driver autograph session, games, and racing souvenirs galore. In addition to the whirlwind race, the fans were treated to a series of entertaining events including: Spectacular skydiving performance by the US Army Golden Knights, pit and paddock (garage) area viewing, games with the Firestone Firehawk, and a visit from Drew Powell (from the TV show ‘Gotham’) who rode with Mario Andretti for the ride of his life before the race.

RJP_5302 copy RJP_5965 copy RJP_6310 copy RJP_5503 copy RJP_5742 copyRJP_5431 copy2017 Indy 500 winner, Takuma Sato, from Andretti Motorsports team, won the pole position with an average speed of 219.6 MPH for the thrilling race that included a record number of passes (590), 42 lead changes, and 10 different drivers in the lead. At one point, during an exciting, nail-biting run, Graham Rahal and Tony Kanaan swapped the lead 15 times in just 17 laps!

RJP_5769 copy RJP_5805 copy RJP_5899 copy RJP_6046 copy

2016 Indy 500 winner, Alexander Rossi, led the race 7 times for 44 laps, before finishing in 3rd place just 0.71 seconds behind the eventual winner. Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden, secured a close second place finish and kept his lead in the championship with just 3 races left.

RJP_6070 copy RJP_6082 copy RJP_6137 copy RJP_6781 copy

Despite multiple issues with his car, including  having to replace the front wing on lap 67, having trouble with a tire while in the pits (to fall one lap down at the time), and later having to replace the rear wing after James Hinchcliffe ran into the back of the car, Will Power (Team Penske) held on for the win. It was Power’s 32nd career win. He is now 5th in the season’s championship race.

[Photos by: Rick Pettine]

[Article by Rick Pettine and David Miller]

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