“A” List to Zee Bar

Sin City at Zee Bar

On Thursday, April 1st Zee Bar celebrated its fourth anniversary with a party called “Sin City” and Independent Philly was there to take it all in.

Cage Dancer
The Other Cage Dancer

 There was a Las Vegas style theme including Elvis standing at the front door, dancers (in cages and hanging from the ceiling), and poker decorations.

Aerial Performer
Vegas Decor

The first hour of the night (10-11 PM) was VIP and featured an open bar. The crowd was small and intimate. 

The Zee Bar, Bar

As the night went on, Zee Bar steadily filled up (as it tends to do later in the evening as it is a private club and stays open until 3:30 AM).

I'm With the DJ

 Upbeat club music was provided by DJ’s in both the main (DJ Scotty Boy) and back room and although there wasn’t much dancing going on, there was certainly a good deal of head-bobbing.

Zee Bar is for the Birds
Model/Actress Lauren Pappas

 Zee Bar certainly has its advantages (open late, great crowd, good music, several private seating areas) but it also has a few draw backs (it can take forever to get inside and if you do get in, they allowing smoking and drinks can be pricey). 

Party Goers

All in all I think it’s a great place to go with a larger group of people (if you can lock down a table) and a fun place to extend your night when it’s 2 AM and you’re not ready for the fun to be over.

Former Villanova Star and Professional Basketball Player, Curtis Sumpter
2009-2010 Starting Villanova Guard, Reggie Redding

 If you haven’t experienced Zee Bar for yourself, hit it up this weekend and zee what you’ve been missing.

Can You Feel Zee Love?
Jewels Dancers

 Zee Bar is located at 100 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123


Hey Ladies
Buffy & Alexis Enjoying Their Night
Hey Fellas
Yo VIP...Kick It
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