21,000 Beats Under The Sea Takes Partying to New Depths

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On Friday night at club Voyeur in center city Philadelphia, Disorient and Space Pirates held a pirate, sea creature, monsters of the deep themed party called “21,000 Beats Under The Sea” (the follow up to last year’s “20,000 Beats Under the Sea”). Voyeur was transformed into an under water, glow-in-the-dark playground, where party people, dressed in all sorts of elaborate costumes, danced the night away.

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The top floor of the venue featured a VIP area, chair massage section, and DJ lounge covered in bright orange glowing seaweed draped with neon green flowers (all of which really popped in the black lighting). It was quite a spectacle. There was also art work that decorated the walls from various artists who had contributed to the event.

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The main floor was decorated with under water cages & hanging fish and featured the largest dance floor in the venue. This area, like all the rest, became packed late in the evening.

In the basement, we found gigantic orange fish and pirate garb decorating the space. This was also the best spot to escape the extreme heat inside of Voyeur. From the basement up, the temperature rose drastically from floor to floor. Thankfully we know that heat rises, so we weren’t too alarmed. The basement also featured a small dance floor and separate DJ. At any given time you could move from floor to floor and take in all different genres of electronic music madness.

As hundreds of people partied the night away inside, the best place to escape the heat was to occasionally pop outside for some fresh air. Voyeur is one of the few venues in the city that still permits smoking indoors and that can get a little intense.

At 2:45am, there was still a line of people outside waiting to get in. When Voyeur closed at 3:30am, the after party crowd moved to Fishtown to keep the night going. What better way to spend the day of the impending Rapture?

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Overall, this was a great event. The folks at Disorient and Space Pirates did a great job with the decor, picking DJ’s, and creating a vibe where people could come and have fun and be themselves. Why are pirate themed parties the best? We’re not sure, but they certainly ARRRRRRRRRRRR.

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