2016 Philadelphia Auto Show Preview

The 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show returns to the Pennsylvania Convention Center from January 30 to February 7, 2016. Now in its mind-boggling 115th year, it has grown to one of the largest auto shows in the Nation. Spanning a 700,000 square-foot display throughout several rooms in the PA Convention Center, the show offers something for car enthusiasts and novices alike.

DSC_2759 copy

There are cars in every color in the rainbow.

DSC_2495 copy DSC_2540 copy DSC_2561 copy DSC_2653 copy DSC_2524 copy

There are old cars.

DSC_2620 copy DSC_2663 copyDSC_2682 copy

There are new cars.

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There are muscle cars, race cars, funny cars, and one of a kind cars.

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There are more economical cars, and cars we wish we could afford.

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There are electric cars, giant trucks and vans, tiny two-seaters, and motorbikes.

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Already have a car and are looking for ways to set it apart from the herd? Head to the ground floor DUB SHOW exhibit for a look at the latest car audio systems, custom wraps, rims, and just about anything else you could dream up to help trick out your ride.

DSC_2792 copy DSC_2804 copy DSC_2810 copy DSC_2820 copy DSC_2832 copyDSC_2850 copy

Tired of just looking at automobiles? Hop in! The Camp Jeep Test Track (located on the main showroom floor) will show you exactly what the 4X4 can handle. You can even hit the street outside the show and take a test drive with Kia, Toyota, and Mazda.

DSC_2697 copy DSC_2700 copy

If you need a break you can pop into The Garage to refuel with numerous food offerings, three bars, arcade games, and slot cars. Hungry for more? On January 31st, FIFA Women’s Player of The Year, and World Cup champion, Carli Lloyd will be on hand for soccer demonstrations and inspirational talks (sessions are at 3pm and 4pm). Who knows what other celebrities might drop by?!

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With gas prices at the lowest point in years, now is a great time to find yourself a new ride, or just check out what’s on the market. The show is open weekdays from Noon to 10pm, Saturdays from 9am to 10pm, and Sundays from 9am to 8pm. Adults (age 13 and over) are $14, kids (age 7-12) are $7, and children (under 7) are free! With prices like that, even the Pope approves!

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We had a blast again at the Philly Auto Show Media Day and know you’ll love all that this year’s show has to offer!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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