12th Planet at Center of Dubstep Universe

Dubstep crazed fans packed into the Theater of the Living Arts on Saturday night for a foray into the recesses of outer space. While the venue remained stationary on the outside, those inside were taken on a  journey of aesthetic-overload courtesy of 12th Planet.

Supporting his recent “The End is Near” EP (download it here for free), the godfather of U.S. dubstep orbited into town with his “Scion A/V Presents: The End Is Near” tour.

Presented locally by Steez Promo, the event featured a bevy of intergalactic opening support from Flinch, Crizzly, and Kill The Noise.

Dubsteppers hit the floor when the doors opened at 8pm, securing spots at the front of the venue. It didn’t take long before the TLA was packed. From the stage to the upstairs VIP area, it was a tightly packed asteroid galaxy of party people.

Crizzly launched the spaceship, filling the fuel tanks with high octane crunkstep.

Flinch had his own monogrammed digital sign which lit the way (and made us a little jealous), but despite his moniker, he didn’t miss a beat. Fans didn’t flinch has he dropped hit after hit on the audience.

Up next was Kill The Noise, and ironically, towards the front end of his set, he actually did kill the noise. Hitting the mic, he asked the crowd if they were ready for some dubstep heat from his boy Feed Me. The crowd cheered, and the noise returned. By this point the musical trek had taken us past Neptune, beyond Pluto (which is no longer a planet but is still floating around out there), and past undiscovered planets.

At midnight, the shuttle landed in the middle of planet Dubstep. 12th Planet hit the stage atop a giant digital stage set up and dropped some other-worldly tunes. The place went nuts. His gravitational pull sucked everyone in…hook, line, and bass-drop.

For the next 90 minutes it was lasers, digital imagery, and mind-blowing beats. 12th Planet even encouraged ladies to sit on guys shoulders and then one-upped them by engaging in a lengthy crowd surfing ride.

Around 130am, it was time to return to Earth, where snow and ice now covered the streets and sidewalks outside. It was a celestial cruise we will not soon forget.

To view video of Kill The Noise & 12th Planet, as well as 100 additional photos,




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