Winter Goes Out With A Bang: Total White Out Conditions at Soundgarden Hall


On Friday, March 22nd, House of Hearts proved to Philly once again that they know how to throw a party.

Dubbed, “Lights Out White Out”, the show was a play on HoH’s long-standing “Lights Out” themed parties, and attendees were heavily encouraged to wear white.


  While some did not get the memo, or perhaps just wanted to stand out, the vast majority of the concertgoers were rocking all white, which added nicely to the environment of the show.


DJ Aramis and Elvis Suarez opened the night, as well as House of Hearts resident DJ Johnny V.  Headlining the show were trance artists Matt Lange and Moar Levi, who is signed to the Anjunabeats record label.


The atmosphere that the all white attire provided went well with the trance music being played by the DJs, and from the moment we arrived until the moment the lights came on and the night ended, everyone could be seen dancing and enjoying themselves.


If you were there, you don’t need us to tell you how good of a night it was – you just want to relive it, so catch all of the photos below!

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[Photos by Steven Garfinkel]

You can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

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Make sure you catch the next House of Hearts Lights Out show on April 20th at Soundgarden Hall –

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