Voyage Into Dreamz: Bumping Beats on a Boat

Nothing screams “great party” like an odd cake. And, much like the legendary ride of Paul Revere, it’s one great time if by land, and two if by sea.

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After the success of their 2012 “Titanic” themed boat party, Oddcake was back on the dock in 2013 to present “Voyage into Dreamz”.

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So what’s the recipe for a great Oddcake (party)? Start with a Yacht, preferably one with “Ben Franklin” in the title. Next, add the four B’s: Beats (3 decks worth), Body painting, Booze, and of course, Bacon. Drizzle liberally with live art, costumes, decorations, and party goers. Rock gently, set sail, and enjoy!

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Voyage Into Dreamz kicked off just after 930pm on Friday, May 31st but the preparations began well before the first party goer boarded the boat; each level of the ship was decorated with care, the 13 DJ’s were hand-picked and assigned time slots on one of three decks, and the buffet of food was prepared.

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The DJ’s for the evening (in no particular order) were Elixir, Dubsef, Deep C, Dan Ran, Johnny V, Alex The Great, Shaggy2K, Beetee Beats, Whiskey T., DecoSoul, Nate Dark, Pete Stone, and Ily.

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Excitement was already building on the dock when we arrived at 9pm and by the time the boat began to board 45 minutes later, it was clear that this was going to be a memorable night. Upon entering the first level of the Ben Franklin yacht, your senses were instantly engaged by the black light decorations, sweet tunes, hookahs, hot and cold buffet, and ice luge shots.

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The second deck of the boat held a t-shirt vendor, body painting station by, more music, and decorations. The top deck was open air and featured a third set of DJ decks. Each deck had its own bar and room at the front and back for some fresh air.

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Once the boat set off on the Delaware river with a bubble machine leaving a trail floating in the air, a nice breeze blew, cooling things down on the hot and muggy evening. There were just enough people on the boat that not all three levels were packed at once. At any given moment one deck would be crowded while the other two offered more room to move. This varied throughout the evening as everyone moved about to catch one DJ or another, get some fresh air, food, drinks, or to cop a squat.

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The music was fantastic, as were the costumes that the majority of those on board were sporting, and the view from the ship of the the Ben Franklin bridge and the Philadelphia waterfront was fantastic!

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The party continued once the boat docked back at Penn’s Landing until it was finally time to head back to land at 2am when the Voyage Into Dreamz came to a conclusion. We can’t wait to see what Oddcake has up their sleeve for their next event and hope that the boat party will continue to be an annual tradition.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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