Villanova Wildcats LAX Downs St. John’s Red Storm 18-3

On Saturday, April 22, the Villanova Wildcats men’s lacrosse team hosted the Red Storm of St. John’s University for a Senior Day match-up.

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The Wildcats were in rare form during this contest, and neither the rainy weather or the St. John’s defense could cool off the red-hot Villanova offense.

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While the Red Storm was only able to muster 3 goals in the contest, the Wildcats had eight different players score on their way to 18 goals. #19 Jack Curran was unstoppable in this contest, scoring a career best 8 goals.

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Not only were the 8 goals a career best for Curran, but they also tied the team record for most goals scored in a game and pushed him to 42 goals on the season, another team record! Curran can expand on his record when Villanova faces Providence in their last regular season game.

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Also of note on Saturday, Sophomore Andrew Gallahue (#50) scored his first career goal, with an assist from Freshman Owen Black (#9).

[Photos by: Rick Pettine]

[Article by David Miller]

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