Underground Rebel Bingo: Balls at the Blockley

Published On July 17, 2011 | Around Town

We’d heard whisperings of Rebel Bingo in the weeks leading up to July 15th. We’d been told where the event would take place but had been sworn to secrecy. We knew they would be bingo, we knew there would be drinking, we knew there would be shenanigans. On Friday night, we realized we knew nothing at all.

Started by a group of friends late one night in a church basement in London, Underground Rebel Bingo has secretly taken the globe by storm. Think it can’t happen in your town? It can. Think it hasn’t happened in your city? It probably is, right now. Want to win a stuffed panda or an inflatable pool? Didn’t you already?

We’d love to explain Rebel Bingo to you, but the game has no rules. In order to play you simply must abide by the following:

Club Rules:

No old people.

No boring people.

No office parties.

No hen parties.

No stag parties.

No work suits.

No cameras or photography.

No customer service.

Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you’re inside.

While the no camera/photography rule is in affect during Rebel Bingo meetings for the members, Independent Philly was invited to bring our cameras to catch all of the action on Friday night at the Blockley Pour House in University City. Maybe you were there and saw it for yourself first hand; maybe this will be your first glimpse inside something that cannot be explained through words. Are you prepared?

Here’s what one of the creators told us about Rebel Bingo…

“It’s bingo, sort of, but not like you’ve seen it before. We made up our own rules, because we don’t know how to play ACTUAL bingo. This is Rebel Bingo. This is Hardcore. It’s not nice and it’s not fair. You wouldn’t want to bring your grandma. Since Rebel Bingo is so addictive and shameful, the meetings take place under the cover of darkness, with cover stories to hide their existence, just in case you don’t want people to know what you’re up to.”

We present to you, the Underground Rebel Bingo Club meeting from July 15th, 2011…


[photo credits: Jim Solomon]

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