The Studio CL: Hair Today, Go Tomorrow

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We recently spent the afternoon at one of our favorite businesses in Philadelphia, The Studio CL in Rittenhouse Square. The Studio is closed on Mondays which afforded several members of the staff the time to showcase their skills for a photo shoot.


Five stylists and make-up artist Victoria Roggio took part in the shoot. Owner Artur Kirsh was also on hand to oversee the entire endeavor. Each stylist had her own model and once the hair and make up was finished, they moved over into the upper part of The Studio CL to have their photos taken.

Up first was Stylist Melissa Anspach with this playful do:

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Sytlist Lauren Garrett was the second to show off her work with her mo-hawk inspired up-do:

DSC_7970 copy_fhdr DSC_7977 copy_fhdr DSC_7995 copy_fhdr DSC_8005 copy_fhdr DSC_8013 copy_fhdr

Next up was stylist Alexandra O’Connor who was working with some brightly colored hair extensions:

DSC_8022 copy_fhdr DSC_8024 copy_fhdr DSC_8027 copy

Braids were the name of the the game for stylist Tonia Day:

DSC_8034 copy_fhdr DSC_8054 copy_fhdr DSC_8055 copy_fhdr DSC_8086 copy_fhdr

The last shoot of the day went to stylist Christi Zampino and her wedding day motif:

DSC_8102 copy_fhdr DSC_8108 copy DSC_8113 copy DSC_8122 copy_fhdr

These styles are just a tiny sampling of what customers can have done at The Studio CL which offers a wide range of services including dry cutting, a full color bar, up-do’s, and much more!

To make an appointment with one of the stylists listed above, owner Artur Kirsh, or one of the other talented stylists at The Studio CL, give them a call today at (215) 496-0604

The Studio CL is located at 128 South 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
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