The Presets & Dragonette, International Players at Union Transfer

It’s easy to pumped up for a show when you really dig the headlining performer. When it’s a co-headlining bill, with two fantastic artists, it only ratchets up the excitement.

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Such was the case on Sunday, May 5th when The Presets and Dragonette rolled into Philly to play a show at Union Transfer with opening support from Classixx.

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We’d been looking forward to seeing both acts. We loved Dragonette’s performance at Union Transfer last year when they toured with The Knocks, and we after interviewing Kim Moyes from The Presets two weeks prior to the show, we knew we would be in for a treat from the Aussie duo as well.

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Sadly we arrived a little late to the show and were only able to catch the final two songs of Classixx’s set but heard from the fans who were there that it was definitely worth showing up early for.

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Dragonette was the first of the headliners to perform at the Philly show. We’ve been rocking out to their album “Bodyparts” for months and months and knew all of the songs by heart, so we were a little surprised when lead singer Martina Sorbara told the crowd that they had never performed many of the songs before (prior to the current tour).

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As good as the songs are blasting from our iPod dock, they are even better in person. Sorbara’s playful nature with the crowd was welcomed as fans and the flirtatious singer exchanged adoration for one another. Along with band-mates Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer, the Canadian songstress rocked many of our favorite Dragonette tunes including “Run Run Run” “Live In This City” “Right Woman” “My Work Is Done” and the instantly recognizable Martin Solveig smash hit “Hello” for which she provided the vocals.

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Their performance was an energetic, upbeat, pop-infused hour of feel good tunes had those in attendance dancing, singing, and bouncing around.

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After a short stage change over, it was time for The Presets to close out the night. Moyes, along with partner Julian Hamilton hit the stage basked in deep red light, and wasted no time pouring into their vast catalog of songs. Their current sound was in stark contrast to that of Dragonette. The Presets offered up a slew of industrial sounding tunes (a la Depeche Mode) that, despite being slower and somewhat darker than the set before them, still had the crowd rocking out.

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Their set was amazing. Somehow it managed to be haunting and uplifting all at once. The lighting set the mood for each track but it was Moyes and Hamilton that conveyed the raw emotion. Despite the size of the crowd being somewhat smaller than we’d anticipated for a show of this magnitude, the duo, who have played stadium shows for tens of thousands of fans, were consummate performers.

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Their main set concluded on their hit “My People” before they left the stage for a brief moment. Their encore was the highlight of the night and featured several of our most beloved songs. After opening their encore with “Are You The One” they transitioned into a stellar rendition of “Fast Seconds” with the lyrics “coco, seca, kilo, milli, mega, micro, giga, forever ever more…nano, tera, pico, femto, exa, peta, forever ever more…centi, kilo, milli, mega, micro, giga, forever ever more” followed by the track’s 30 second countdown appearing digitally on the video screens behind the duo.

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Wrapping up on “Kicking and Screaming” and “Talk Like That”, we wanted to kick and scream and beg them to continue. We truly enjoyed the show that much. We can’t wait to get all of these bands back to the area but sadly it will probably not be later rather than sooner for The Presets. Dragonette will be appearing at Firefly Festival in Dover, DE in June.

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