The Arts Garage Gets ROC’d by Carnival

On Saturday night, at the Arts Garage (1533 Ridge Avenue) in Philadelphia, ROC threw their first annual “Carnival” party which combined elements of electronic music culture with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of an old school carnival.

Inside the Arts Garage, party people sipped on drinks and danced the night away in multiple rooms of sound, where DJ’s and live-drummers kept the temperature high and the bass down low. The colorful lighting (as well as black lighting) accentuated the costumes and face paint that almost everyone in the venue was rocking with pride.

Outside, there were multiple carnival-like activities taking place. There was a dunk tank by the front entrance. Around the corner there was a ball pit, a moon bounce, and multiple games of skill & chance. There was a face painting station. For the taste bud enthusiasts there was cotton candy, snow-cones, and several grills that kept pumping out hotdogs and hamburgers.

We saw stilt-walkers, fire dancers, and our personal favorite, the “Insult Booth” (which we returned to several times when we felt any twinge of self-esteem returning). To be honest, we could have used an elephant or two but we’re just being greedy.

The event, which ROC threw in conjunction with BANGARANG, was just one of many events we’ve seen in Philly from these guys over the past year or so (we covered their show w/ house music superstar Derrick Carter a while back), and we look forward to seeing what other top-notch DJ’s and themed events they have on tap for the city this summer!

Check out our photo slide-show of Carnival below:

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