Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano at Rumor: House Music You Can Bank On

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, billed as “The Worlds most energetic house DJ duo”, hit Rumor Nightclub on Friday night, May 31st and put on an incredibly upbeat energetic set.  The scorching heat of the day (the first heatwave of 2013 in Philadelphia) did little to deter a huge turnout at the posh center city venue, which was filled with patrons who danced the night away in multiple rooms.


There was not an empty table inside Rumor as plenty of the club goers enjoyed bottle service both at tables on the dance floor and at what may be the coolest VIP section in the city, the bank vault.


Despite the weather outside, Rumor was nice and cool, with the AC on full blast. Given that the club was packed and it was over 90 degrees outside, it was refreshing that the temp was so controlled inside. Perhaps it’s because Rumor is located below ground in a former bank building; whatever the reason, this is definitely a plus in our book.


From the moment the headliners hit the decks, the house music interest rate began to rise rapidly with those in other parts of the venue quickly depositing themselves on the dance floor.


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano could be seen smiling in the DJ booth from the far back of the club.  The duo, who hail from Holland, looked like they were having a great time playing the music they love.  With their long hair flopping by their sides, they easily controlled the energy of the club and the tempo on the dance floor via their track selections. The flow of the music made it almost impossible for those on the dance floor to even consider sitting down or taking a break.


After enjoying their set on the Main Stage at Ultra, it was a treat to see the Dutch duo in a smaller, more intimate setting while still be treated to a stellar sound system and light show.



Independent Philly will definitely be making Rumor one of our most frequently visited venues this Summer!

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[Photo Credit: Garfinkel’s Photos]

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