Soundgarden, Still Superwellknown, Rock Sold-Out Tower Theater


Rock legend Chris Cornell and Soundgarden first began thrilling fans with their live shows over 20 years ago. They were the first grunge band ever signed to a major label and along with their contemporaries Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam, they helped define a generation of music in the early 1990’s.

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They had a number one album, won Grammy’s, and traveled the globe, but in 1997 Soundgarden broke up when the members couldn’t agree on the direction the band should take.

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In 2010, they reunited, releasing a new CD (their sixth), and eventually began touring again.



On Saturday, January 19th, they returned to Philadelphia to play a sold out show at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby.

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The band hit the stage with a lot of energy to the delight of the crowd (which was composed of mostly pf those in their 40’s and up, with a sprinkling of younger fans), opening with “Hands All Over” followed by “Spoonman”.



Playing for two and a half hours, Soundgarden rocked the crowd with a mix of old and new material from their extensive catalog of songs.


The aging rockers, while less mobile on stage (all but Cornell remained all but stationary), haven’t lost the ability to bring down the house and connect with their loyal fan base.

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After playing for over two hours, the band returned for a four song encore, closing out the night with “Beyond the Wheel”.

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[photo credit: Michael Green]

You can view the set list from the show below:

Set List:

Hands All Over




Jesus Christ Pose



My Wave

Been Away Too Long

Worse Dreams

Loud Love

Drawing Flies

Hunted Down


Non-State Actor

Blow Up the Outside World

Ugly Truth

Fell on Black Days

Fresh Tendrils

Blood on the Valley Floor


(Improv song)

Halfway There

Eyelid’s Mouth

Rusty Cage



Room a Thousand Years Wide

Let Me Drown


Beyond the Wheel

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